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Every Sperm is sacred?

"Oh dear. (she's crying uncontrollably) I'm afraid I lost the baby."
"Huh? What baby? You're pregnant?"
"No... but... my... my... (she sobs) my period started. I'm flushing an egg out of my body. It was a potential life!"

Why isn’t Dr. Fukuyama as outspoken about the cosmetic surgery industry as he is about transhumanism? It does, afterall, change the human essence according to the Fukuyamian definition. Again, it all goes back to fear and misconception regarding transhumanism. In the near term, it is likely that pills will be developed that would increase strength, lighten moods, and improve memory. These pills would be made available to everyone and not just for people who can afford cosmetic luxuries. The transhumanistic approach is to develop a controlled, gradual, and comprehensive distribution of enhancements that are specifically earmarked for increasing human well being. The desire to liberate oneself from biological constraints is a force that cannot be stopped; it can only be controlled and monitored. Turning a blind eye to what is really happening is the most dangerous idea of all and the biggest threat to mankind.

Why Crush the Moon? - Kutistetaan kuu ja terraformataan se.

We all love the large, pale moon that hangs in our nighttime sky. A half-sized blue and green one will definitely take some getting used to, especially when its dark side starts lighting up with cities. Still, the prospect of a new world—large enough to house the entire United States, accessible enough to serve as the airline hub for an entire solar system, and yet safe enough to survive a technological collapse—may be too good to pass up. Besides, who wants to live in the same old house for all eternity? Sooner or later, you've got to remodel.

Should We Cure Bad Behaviour? - Ludovico-tekniikkaa hieman toisenlaisille lumihiutalelapsille.

In Britain, some government officials are already eager to launch vaccination campaigns to inoculate children against future cocaine and nicotine use. To justify anti-drug vaccination campaigns, officials offer a public health rationale. Even though the vast majority of children would survive a bout of measles, we vaccinate them all against the disease. Similarly, even though the vast majority of people who use cocaine or smoke tobacco will cause society no appreciable problems, we should vaccinate the whole population to protect those who might succumb to the deleterious effects of drug use.

Niin, Heroiiniaddiktiogeeni voidaan pistää pois päältä.

Minun ei ole koskaan tehnyt mieli tupakkaa eikä heroiinia, mutta voisin ihan varmuuden vuoksi pistää tupakka- ja heroiiniaddiktiogeenini pois päältä. Eihän sitä koskaan tiedä, jos vaikka joku narkkari innostuu murtautumaan kämppään ja piikittämään meikäläistä kun nukun. Siinä sitä sitten oltaisiin ruisku ranteessa ja nisti vaan nauraisi pilkallisesti että ähäkutti. Mutta jos meidät olisi molemmat rokotettu lapsina tämänlaatuista huumesekoilua vastaan, niin koko juttu jäisi tapahtumatta. Nisti olisikin kunnon kansalainen ja minä saisin nukkua yöni rauhassa. Ähäkutti, geeniperimä, jäit taas toiseksi.

Zarlink MICS - langaton implanttilähetin.
Kapseliendoskooppi eli nieltävä robottipilleri.

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