Seeing a brain as it learns to see
"This is the first time that anyone has been able to watch as visual experience selectively shapes the functional properties of individual neurons"

Community Led Total Sanitation - Ihmiset täytyy saada haluamaan parempaa, eikä terveys ja järkeen vetoaminen tehoa sivistymättömiin massoihin. Ihmiset täytyy saada kohtamaan vallitsevan tilansa huonous ja vedota heidän sosiaaliseen statukseensa ja ylpeyteensä.
A few visitors will go to a village, and the villagers will want to show off their village to the guests. They'll take them around the village, and then at the end of the tour, the visitors will say, "Well, yes, that's nice, but can we see your open defecation grounds?" Because they're polite, the villagers will take them there. The technique is to make people stand there and confront it, to not be able to turn away from the fact that they're shitting in the open, and that their kids are tramping it back into the village, and that they're all eating it. Someone calculated that people in villages who are doing open defecation are probably ingesting 10 grams of shit a day. That's pretty disgusting. People will run off and dig latrines. Once the whole village is cleaned up, nobody will want to be the dirty person in the village. And once the village is cleaned up, the clean village will be in competition with the next village, and that village will want to clean up. It's a chain reaction.

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