Tekoälyä, laserpulsseja ja pöytätehtaita

The AI Report - Vassar, Bostrom, Norvig, Goertzel ym. Forbesin spesiaalissa.

Living Safely with Robots, Beyond Asimov's Laws
-- should robots be programmed with safety rules, or should they be created with the ability for safety-oriented reasoning? Should robot ethics be based on human-centered value systems, or a combination of human-centered value systems with the robot’s own value system? Or, legally, when a robot accident does occur, how should the responsibility be divided (for example, among the designer, manufacturer, user, or even the robot itself)?

Laser Research Grant - Lahjoita rahaa Nason Schoolerin SENS-tutkimukseen lipofuskiinin poistamiseksi laserilla.

How Science Fiction Writers Can Help, or Hurt, Homeland Security - Älä kuvittele uusia ja erikoisia terrorismiriskejä, kuvittele uusia ja erikoisia ehkäisykeinoja todellisiin riskeihin.


RepRap from Adrian Bowyer on Vimeo.

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