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"Journalism will naturally be transformed; the highest situations will be reserved for robust young men with strong, resonant voices, trained rather in the art of enunciation than in the search for words or the turn of phrases; literary mandarinism will disappear, literators will gain only an infinitely small number of hearers, for the important point will be to be quickly informed in a few words without comment.

- Octave Uzanne, The End of Books (1894)



Ten sci-fi devices that could soon be in your hands - Tässä tapauksessa "soon" tarkoittaa ehkä kymmeniä vuosia.
1 Super-vision
2 Disappearing act
3 Hands-free healing
4 Spider vs gecko
5 You power
6 Jet packs
7 My other car is a spaceship
8 Breathe underwater
9 You speak, it translates
10 Smell-o-vision
Future Watch: A.I. comes of age - STAIR: STanford Artificial Intelligence Robot

FDA Approves First-Ever Stem Cell Clinical Trial

Nanotechnology and Radically Extended Life Span

LendAround - Lainauspalvelu.


Parempaa kuin omistaminen

Better Than Owning - Omistaminen on rasittavaa, striimaus on rentoa.
For many people this type of instant universal access is better than owning. No responsibility of care, backing up, sorting, cataloging, cleaning, or storage. As they gain in public accessibility, books, music and movies are headed to become social goods even though they might not be paid by taxes. It's not hard to imagine most other intangible goods becoming social goods as well. Games, education, and health info are also headed in that direction.

Space elevator ... and the next floor is outer space
“The key thing is that the process essentially makes carbon into smoke, but because the smoke particles are long thin nanotubes, they entangle and hold hands. We are actually making elastic smoke, which we can then wind up into a fibre,” says Windle.
Microbot Motors Fit To Swim Human Arteries

Baffling The Body Into Accepting Transplants
-- mice genetically engineered to produce large amounts of BAFF (B cell activating factor), don't reject transplants.
Aeolus Airship - Christopher Ottersbachin poljettava ilmalaiva.


Käsi kädessä

Evan Reynolds esittelee Touch Bionicsin i-LIMBiä.
“The most amazing thing about it was how quickly I adapted to it. I put it on and within minutes I was using it as well as I can today."
Touch Bionicsillahan oli proteesin kanssa sellainen mielenkiintoinen ongelma, että alkuperäinen malli oli normaalikättä vahvempi ja nopeampi, joten sitä täytyi skaalata alaspäin, jotta käyttäjät eivät satuttaisi itseään tai muita. Fiktiivisille kyborgeille käy harvemmin niin, että he iskevät vahingossa lihalliset osansa kappaleiksi ylireagoivalla kädellään tai katkaisevat selkärankansa nostaessaan autoa ilmaan.
The researchers say their new arm is capable of repeatedly lifting a weight of 10kg up above head height and could do so all day, compared with the average human being who would tire within minutes. The wrists could rotate 360° and anyone using it could perform hundreds of push-ups. However, the sheer power of the limb means its creators are faced with the problem of deciding which patients could be trusted to use it safely, as it has the potential to be used as a weapon.
Dean Kamenin tulossa oleva Luke Arm on i-LIMBille hyvä vastapari. Toivottavasti kädet pelaavat yhteen, jos joku asentaa itselleen vasemman käden tilalle i-LIMBin ja oikean käden tilalle Luken. Toisaalta parempi vaihtoehto olisi ehkä asentaa itselleen lisäkäsiä kuin katkoa ihmiskäsiään ja ottaa mallia esimerkiksi Tohtori Mustekalan lonkeroista, sillä eiväthän tekokädet välttämättä tarvitse ihmismäisiä niveliä. Ehkä plug'n'play yleiskäsi, johon voisi liittää oheislaitteita työn vaatimiin tarpeisiin, mutta vaarallisille lonkeroille ja aselisäkkeille tarvitsisi aseenkantoluvan.

Live Free or Drown: Floating Utopias on the Cheap
The purpose of the Seasteading Institute—and of this gathering—is to figure out how to make aquatic homesteads a reality. But Friedman doesn't just want to create huge floating platforms that people can live on. He's also hoping to create a platform in the sense that Linux is a platform: a base upon which people can build their own innovative forms of governance. The ultimate goal is to create standards and blueprints that can be easily adapted, allowing small communities to rapidly incubate and test new models of self-rule with the same ease that a programmer in his garage can whip up a Facebook app. "You could roll your own government out of pieces copied from all the societies around you," Friedman says. "Google set my standards for how fast something should grow. This has potential to exceed those standards—if we make one seastead, there's room for thousands."
5 dangerous ideas about cryonics
1. First In Last Out - A professional cryonics organization with “old” technologies may on average do better than an incompetent cryonics organization with “new” technologies.
Patrick Millardin kryoniikkavalokuvia.



Tutkiva juttu: Kyborgin aika - YLE Teema torstaina 22.1. klo 20.00, uusinta la klo 16.50

Huonon tulevaisuuden pelko

Nimimerkki Syömäri Jantunen sanoi: -- henkilökohtaisesti minua pelottaisi herätä syväjäästä maailmaan, jonka hyväntahtoisuudesta aikamatkailijoita kohtaan minulla ei olisi mitään ennakkotietoa?

Suosikkivastaukseni tähän on, että jos minä herään dystopiassa, se on heidän ongelmansa. Mutta jos jätetään tällainen machoilu sivuun, niin minua ei erityisemmin pelota herätä dystopiassa, koska huonokin elämä tarkoittaa, että jotain elämää on sentään edelleen olemassa. Kaukaisessa tulevaisuudessa oleva dystopiakin on periaatteessa toivoa antava visio: jotakin elämää on selvinnyt, kaikki eivät ole kuolleet. Niin kauan kuin on elämää on toivoa.



Anders Sandberg kävi Ruotsin TV:ssä puhumassa elämän pidentämisestä ja kryoniikasta.

Ung Pirat sai valtionapua 1,3 miljoonaa kruunua.

Tuore tutkimus: tiedostojen jakamisesta 100 miljoonan vuotuinen hyöty Hollannille

Naiset näkevät enemmän painajaisia ja ovat huonompia hallitsemaan syömistään.

Explaining the curse of work
So might this kind of work offer a rational way to optimise our decision-making bodies? One curious detail provides an intriguing slant on this question. In the computer simulations, there is a particular number of decision-makers that stands out from the trend as being truly, spectacularly bad, tending with alarmingly high probability to lead to deadlock: eight.
The 'test-tube baby' at 30
Louise Brown, the first person to be conceived outside a human body, turned 30 last year. The birth of a "test-tube baby", as the headlines described in vitro fertilisation was highly controversial at the time. Leon Kass, who subsequently served as chair of President George W Bush's Council on Bioethics, argued that the risk of producing an abnormal infant was too great for an attempt at IVF ever to be justified. Some religious leaders also condemned the use of modern scientific technology to replace sexual intercourse, even when it could not lead to conception. Since then, some three million people have been conceived by IVF, enabling otherwise infertile couples to have the child they longed for.



Medical robotics expert explores the human-machine interface

How copyright extension in sound recordings actually works

Disagreement Is Near-Far Bias
And this is the key error: our minds often assure us that they have taken certain factors into account when they have done no such thing. I tell myself that of course I realize that I might be biased by my interests; I'm not that stupid. So I must have already taken that possible bias into account, and so my conclusion must be valid even after correcting for that bias. But in fact I haven't corrected for it much at all; I've just assumed that I did so.



My Genome, My Self - Steven Pinker.
Geno’s Paradox entails that apart from carrier screening, personal genomics will be more recreational than diagnostic for some time to come. Some reasons are technological. The affordable genotyping services don’t actually sequence your entire genome but follow the time-honored scientific practice of looking for one’s keys under the lamppost because that’s where the light is best. -- Many of the dystopian fears raised by personal genomics are simply out of touch with the complex and probabilistic nature of genes. Forget about the hyperparents who want to implant math genes in their unborn children, the “Gattaca” corporations that scan people’s DNA to assign them to castes, the employers or suitors who hack into your genome to find out what kind of worker or spouse you’d make. Let them try; they’d be wasting their time. -- The fallacy is not in thinking that the entire genome matters, but in thinking that an individual gene will matter, at least in a way that is large and intelligible enough for us to care about.
Body repair 'could be ramped up'
A combination of drugs could trick the body into sending its repair mechanisms into overdrive, say scientists. -- The bone marrow of treated mice released 100 times as many stem cells - which help to regenerate tissue.
New games powered by brain waves - Mind Flex ja Force Trainer.

Review - Inhuman Thoughts: Philosophical Explorations of Posthumanity by Asher Seidel - Näyttää mielenkiintoiselta kirjalta.


Rakkaus ja kuolema

Love spray being developed by scientists - Jos kemiat pelaavat, se voi olla keinotekoista kemiaa. Tähän liittyy myös se, että ehkäisypilleri voi muuttaa naisten miesmakua. Ei kannata luottaa omiin tunteisiinsa liikaa. Parempi olisi kenties etsiä juuri sopiva tyyppi ja muuttaa tunteensa sellaisiksi, että ne kohdistuvat sopivaan tyyppiin. Sokea parinvalinta on aivan nurinkurista, tietoisesti suunniteltua sen pitäisi olla.

We have the technology to rebuild ourselves
Far-fetched as it may seem now, what if cosmetic surgery was to one day extend to replacing perfectly good arms and legs with more beautiful or powerful ones in the hope of producing another Michael Phelps or Victoria's Secret model? "Then we will have to evolve as a society a new morality, new ethics and codes of conduct, won't we?" says Gow.
Eilen tuli kolmoselta dokumentti Hyvä kuolema, jossa vaikeasti sairas mies meni sveitsiin Dignitakselle tekemään avustetun itsemurhan (hinnat alkaen 4000€). Jos minä olisin vakavasti sairas, suuntaisin kohti Alcoria enkä Dignitasta. Ja mehän olemme kaikki vakavasti sairaita, koska meillä on sairaus nimeltä vanheneminen, joten jokaisella on hyvä syy pohtia asiaa.

Sveitsi olisi hyvä maa perustaa eurooppalainen kryoniikkapalvelu, koska siellä saa lain mukaan kylmäsäilöä elävänkin ihmisen. Mutta Dignitaksen kanssa voisi myös tehdä yhteistyötä: potilaalle annetaan nukutuspiikki ja kryoniikkatiimi odottaa valmiina sängyn vieressä. Jos esim. lakia aletaan tulkita siten, että ihmisen kylmäsäilöminen vertautuu eutanasiaan.




Popping Smart Pills: The Case for Cognitive Enhancement - Medically speaking, without the element of harm, regular drug use — or even dependence — alone doesn't qualify as addiction.

Some Protect the Ego by Working on Their Excuses Early - “The handicap allowed them to say, ‘All things considered, I actually did pretty well,’ ” Dr. McCrea said in a phone interview. “And there’s no drive to get better.” The burn of embarrassment is, in some sense, the pilot light of motivation. As a short-term strategy, self-handicapping is often no more than an exercise in self-delusion. Studies of college students have found that habitual handicappers — who skip a lot of classes; who miss deadlines; who don’t buy the textbook — tend to rate themselves in the top 10 percent of the class, though their grades slouch between C and D. Those who succeed despite their flirtations with disorder typically grow increasingly fond of the handicap itself, whether drink or drugs or defying rules. “With success, expectations go up, and the behavior gets more extreme,”

The atheist bus journey - Amazingly, the campaign has now gone international. Spain's Union of Atheists and Freethinkers are launching buses across Barcelona today with a translation of our slogan, Italy's Union of Atheist, Agnostics and Rationalists are also planning to roll out atheist buses, while the American Humanist Association have been inspired to launch a campaign, and buses carrying their slogan "Why believe in a God? Just be good for goodness' sake" have now been running for over a month in Washington DC. Sadly, not every country has been so open to the idea: the Atheist Foundation of Australia tried to place the slogan "Atheism – celebrate reason" on buses, but were rejected by Australia's biggest outdoor advertising company.

How Copyright Restrictions Suppress Art: An Interview With Nina Paley About "Sita Sings The Blues" - the film uses songs recorded in the late 1920's by singer Annette Hanshaw, and although the recordings are out of copyright, the compositions themselves are still restricted.


Pää kylmänä, pää lämpimänä

On Staying Happy - Kuinka pidetään pää kylmänä, kun sitä joutuu hakkaamaan seinään vuodesta toiseen.
So, yes, we rant and rage against short-sighted policies, and efforts that hinder and delay the inevitable, but we're excited and optimistic and happy about what we see as the eventual possibilities from that advancement and innovation. Any "anger" or "unhappiness" we might display is more frustration at ourselves for not being able to clearly paint a picture -- for those seeking to hold back progress -- of just what opportunities moving forward provides.

Pleasure’s perils: Why the ‘sex chip’ may not be such a good idea - Suuri nautinto tuo mukanaan suuren vastuun, tai toisin sanoen suurempien nautintojen myötä pitäisi tehostaa myös suurempaa itsekontrollia.
In 1972, Heath attempted to “cure” a 24-year old male’s homosexuality by using the technique to reprogram his sexual orientation through reconditioning. During a three hour span the man, infamously known as subject “B-19,” stimulated himself nearly 1,500 times, inducing feelings of “almost overwhelming euphoria and elation.” At the end of the experiment B19 had to be forcefully disconnected from the device. [It’s worth noting that the experiment did not alter B-19’s sexual orientation after disconnection.]


Uusi vuosi yllätti

A New Day - Väärinpäinpäivän ohella täytyy ottaa tavaksi viettää myös uusien ajatusten päivää. Jonakin lähipäivänä teen jotain täysin rutiinien ulkopuolista ja luen vain kaikkea poikkeavaa.

Mikä tulee muuttamaan kaiken? Se on Edgen vuoden kysymys. Nick Bostrom, Kevin Kelly ja moni muukin osuu vastauksissaan naulan kantaan tai ainakin lähelle. Kun muut puhuvat oksista, supertekoäly ravistelee koko puuta.

Myös David Eaglemanin vastaus uploadingista sekä Bart Koskon vastaus aivojen halvasta kryonisesta säilytyksestä lämmittivät mieltä (pun intended):
-- Stanley Kubrick hailed the promise of cryonic suspension in his 1968 Playboy interview. Kubrick cast death as a problem of bioengineering: "Death is no more natural or inevitable than smallpox or diphtheria. Death is a disease and as susceptible to cure as any other disease." The Playboy interviewer asked Kubrick if he was interested in being frozen. Kubrick said that he "would be if there were adequate facilities available." But just over three decades later Kubrick opted for the old neural apocalypse when he could easily have afforded a first-class cryonic suspension in quite adequate facilities.
Kaikkien aikojen ennätys: 50 000 jätti valtionkirkon - Toivottavasti ennätysten rikkoutumisista tulee jatkuva perinne.

Researchers Show Why Peer Discussion Improves Student Performance on 'Clicker' Questions

Männerspielplatz - Disneyland for dudes.