Simplified Humanism and Positive Futurism

Tallinn-Evans $125,000 Singularity Holiday Challenge
Jaan Tallinn, a founder of Skype and Ambient Sound Investments, and Edwin Evans, CEO of the mobile applications startup Quinly, every contribution to the Singularity Institute up until January 20, 2010 will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $125,000.



Nokia Supports Singularity University as Fifth Corporate Founder

Sähkövirta aivoihin parantaa matemaattisia taitoja
Why Bioenhancement of Mathematical Ability Is Ethically Important

Gene discovery suggests way to engineer fast-growing plants

It Will Be Awesome if They Don’t Screw it Up: 3D Printing, Intellectual Property, and the Fight Over the Next Great Disruptive Technology
One of the goals of this whitepaper is to prepare the 3D printing community, and the public at large, before incumbents try to cripple 3D printing with restrictive intellectual property laws. By understanding how intellectual property law relates to 3D printing, and how changes might impact 3D printing’s future, this time we will be ready when incumbents come calling to Congress.



Cryonics: Understanding Why It Failed - TransVision 2010 Presentation by Eugen Leitl
Lakatos proposed a model of scientific advance wherein there is a “hard core” of scientific or mathematical theory which is surrounded by a “protective belt” of gentle inquiry. It is work going on within this protective belt that incrementally advances or erodes the hard core of the paradigm. Virtually all of routine scientific research (institutional science) operates in the zone of this protective belt while revolutionary, or paradigm changing ideas, penetrate it, smash the hard core, and thus demolish the whole structure. Cryonics, like Natural Selection, or the theories of General and Special Relativity, is core-smashing in character, and in the case of cryonics, the idea is so antithetical to the existing order of civilization that it can it only be advanced by insurgent means. This is so because cryonics overturns the Vitalistic view of life, challenges the conventional definition of death, invalidates the core tenets of contemporary medicine, erodes the need for a mystical afterlife, radically redistributes capital (disrupts inheritance, bequests, and mortuary customs), mandates a complete change in reproductive behavior, perturbs generational succession, requires space colonization, requires (and supports) profoundly disruptive technologies such as cloning, regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and finally, ends the species and enables, if not requires Transhumanism.

The real cost of free
As I've written here before, copying isn't going to get harder, ever. Hard drives won't magically get bulkier but hold fewer bits and cost more. Networks won't be harder to use. PCs won't be slower. People won't stop learning to type "Toy Story 3 bittorrent" into Google. Anyone who claims otherwise is selling something – generally some kind of unworkable magic anti-copying beans that they swear, this time, will really work.

Robots Are Replacing Middle Class Jobs
On the low end of the spectrum, we have physical jobs that we can’t automate yet (yard work, for example). On the high end of the spectrum, we have creative and cognitive jobs that we can’t automate yet (law and management, for example). But as technology advances, and it certainly will, more people are going to be elbowed out of the workforce. We may be heading toward a future with plentiful high-end jobs and plentiful low-end jobs, and not much in the middle.
-- If the skills and talents that are truly financially rewarding become harder and harder to acquire, people who would never consider themselves students of Marx might start questioning whether, given the circumstances, it still makes sense to pay people based solely on the demand for their skills in a marketplace that would be demanding very few skills.

Chatbot Wears Down Proponents of Anti-Science Nonsense
In a way, what Leck has created is a pro-active search engine: it answers twitter users who aren't even aware of their own ignorance.


Parempien tapojen lisäksi

Kuulumisia Saksan seminaarista - Kryoniikkaseuran matkaraporttia Goslarista ja uusi organisaatio EUCRIO pyrkii tarjoamaan kryoniikkapalveluita Euroopassa.

Toisten ihmisten ongelmat - Hyvin pärjäävä ei käsitä miksi joku pärjää niin huonosti asioissa, joissa itse pärjää hyvin. Jos neuvot masentunutta, että luuserin pitäisi vain ottaa itseään niskasta kiinni, se on kuin neuvoisi jalatonta, että luuserin pitäisi vain lähteä lenkille.

Miltei vihrein keksintö - Geenimuuntelu on hyväksi ympäristölle. Viisi vastausta vasta-argumentteihin.

This is a news website article about a scientific paper - Tämä on lyhyt kommentti linkin takana olevan artikkelin sisällöstä.

Cyborgs Needed for Escape from Earth
"If our objective is to become space-faring people, it's probably going to force you to reconsider how to reengineer humans."
Patients to be frozen into state of suspended animation for surgery



50 Posts About Cyborgs
Cooking acts as a supplemental external stomach. Once humans acquired this artificial organ it permitted them to evolve smaller teeth and smaller jaw muscles and provided more kinds of stuff to eat. Our invention altered us. - Domesticated Cyborgs

Emotiv EPOC EEG Headset Hacked

Another company can come along and replace Emotiv pretty easily. They are missing out on a huge opportunity here, and time and again we see companies locking stuff down instead of harnessing developers.

Charles Darwin's ecological experiment on Ascension isle
In effect, what Darwin, Hooker and the Royal Navy achieved was the world's first experiment in "terra-forming". They created a self-sustaining and self-reproducing ecosystem in order to make Ascension Island more habitable. Wilkinson thinks that the principles that emerge from that experiment could be used to transform future colonies on Mars. In other words, rather than trying to improve an environment by force, the best approach might be to work with life to help it "find its own way".

Zeros to heroes: 10 unlikely ideas that changed the world

10 impossibilities conquered by science



Rare Sharing of Data Leads to Progress on Alzheimer’s
“It’s not science the way most of us have practiced it in our careers. But we all realized that we would never get biomarkers unless all of us parked our egos and intellectual-property noses outside the door and agreed that all of our data would be public immediately.”
The Power Trip
"It's an incredibly consistent effect," Mr. Keltner says. "When you give people power, they basically start acting like fools. They flirt inappropriately, tease in a hostile fashion, and become totally impulsive." Mr. Keltner compares the feeling of power to brain damage, noting that people with lots of authority tend to behave like neurological patients with a damaged orbito-frontal lobe, a brain area that's crucial for empathy and decision-making. Even the most virtuous people can be undone by the corner office.
Cult of less: Living out of a hard drive
Mr Yurista feels by digitising his life, he no longer has to worry about dusting, organising and cleaning his possessions. And he says his new intangible goods can continue to live on indefinitely with little maintenance.
5 Stupid, Unfair and Sexist Things Expected of Men
The laws and expectations of our civilized society are designed to keep physical violence to a minimum. And for good reason: physical violence is, you know, destructive. So men are expected -- indeed required -- to avoid and deflect confrontation, and to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. And when they do, they get called pussies. Nice.


Huonoja uutisia, hyviä faktoja

The Afghanistan War Logs Released by Wikileaks, the World's First Stateless News Organization
“It’s counterintuitive,” he said then. “You’d think the bigger and more important the document is, the more likely it will be reported on but that’s absolutely not true. It’s about supply and demand. Zero supply equals high demand, it has value. As soon as we release the material, the supply goes to infinity, so the perceived value goes to zero.”

How facts backfire
In an ideal world, citizens would be able to maintain constant vigilance, monitoring both the information they receive and the way their brains are processing it. But keeping atop the news takes time and effort. And relentless self-questioning, as centuries of philosophers have shown, can be exhausting. Our brains are designed to create cognitive shortcuts — inference, intuition, and so forth — to avoid precisely that sort of discomfort while coping with the rush of information we receive on a daily basis. Without those shortcuts, few things would ever get done. Unfortunately, with them, we’re easily suckered by political falsehoods.



Humanity+ Summit 2010 - Harvardin yliopistossa 12-13. kesäkuuta. Puhujina mm. Ray Kurzweil, Stephen Wolfram ja Aubrey de Grey.

Singularity Summit 2010 - San Franciscossa 14-15. elokuuta. Puhujina mm. Ray Kurzweil, James Randi ja Steve Mann.

Ray Kurzweil, That Singularity Guy
People say, “Gee, I don’t want to be a machine.” They’re thinking of the machines they know today, and that’s not the kind of machine I’m talking about. I’m talking about a machine—and we’ll probably need a different word by then—that’s just as subtle and supple and emotional as humans are today, and even more so.

Futuristic mega-projects by Shimizu


The surprising truth about what motivates us

"Best use of money as a motivator is to pay people enough to take the issue of money off the table."


Muotia ja robotteja

Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry - "Apparel design is too utilitarian to qualify for copyright protection."

Willow Garage - Avoimia robotteja kaikille.

Stem Cell Patent Halts Hospital's Collection - Patenttitrollit estävät lääketieteellistä tutkimusta.

First human 'infected with computer virus' - Mark Gasson laittoi kokeilun vuoksi viruksen implanttiinsa.


Synteettisiä huumesoluja

Biology, or the Drugs Win the Drug War - Synteettiset design-solut avaavat tietysti ovia kotitekoisiin design-huumeisiin. Lainaat kaverilta samplen, remiksaat komerossa ja jaat kopioita eteenpäin.

You know what’s a lot easier than all the high minded business about environment, or life extension, or even the scary doomsday 12 Monkeys scenarios? Growing simpler molecule drugs. I don’t mean like aspirin, I mean like heroin and cocaine, THC and hallucinogens. They already grow in plants thoroughly studied, and people are motivated and not at all risk averse about getting those sequences somewhere they can use them. Cooking meth is hard and dangerous science compared to the ability to get a starter of a minimal cell that poops heroin and feeding it growth medium in your closet. We may have lost the drug war, but not as badly as the drug lords have.

Today we lost the drug war
- Anders Sandberg samalla linjalla.

In a scenario building exercise on the future of drugs I participated in a while ago we investigated a future scenario not too unlike the one above: new technologies makes the threshold of entry to the drug market low and people are fairly accepting of drugs. The result was a "drugs-com boom" where startups invented ever more innovative drugs (starting with enhancers, moving on towards recreational drugs and continuing towards strange pharma-bio-nano-info hybrid drugs), leaving drug lords and pharmaceutical companies in the dust.
While there might be Microsoft and Apple biologies there will also be open Linux biologies - we are in a sense already living in one. And as the user interface of biology improves more people will poke at it. Just like we will never win the drug war, we will not be able to win a war against biology - synthetic or natural. Just like we have to accept that people will use drugs, we have to accept that people will try to use available tools to get what they want.


Ensimmäinen synteettinen solu rakennettu

First Self-Replicating Synthetic Bacterial Cell - Craig Venterin ryhmä kertoo onnistuneensa synteettisen elämän luomisessa.
While this first construct—dubbed M. mycoides JCVI-syn1.0, is a proof of concept, the tools and technologies developed to create this cell hold great promise for application in so many critical areas. Throughout the course of this work, the team contemplated, discussed, and engaged in outside review of the ethical and societal implications of their work. The ability to routinely write the software of life will usher in a new era in science, and with it, new products and applications such as advanced biofuels, clean water technology, and new vaccines and medicines.




Prosthetic Culture - Amber Case, kyborgiantropologi.

A proximity-based programmable DNA nanoscale assembly line - Ensimmäinen ohjelmoitavien nanokoneiden liukuhihna valmistettu.


Auttaako tiededokumentti?

Tiededokumentti: Auttaako tiede? - BBC:n kolmiosainen dokumenttisarja, jossa Michael Mosley tarkastelee älykkyyttä, elämänpidennystä ja nukkumattomuutta. Ensimmäinen jakso Areenassa, seuraavat YLE Teemalla 6.5. ja 13.5. Älykkyysjaksossa mukana Christopher Langan, joka on korkeasta älykkyydestään huolimatta hieman kreationisti - hyvä esimerkki siitä, ettei korkea ÄO aina tarkoita korkeaa rationaalisuutta ja päinvastoin.

The Art of Human Enhancement - Transhumanistinen online-taidenäyttely, mukana mm. Eduardo Kacin biotaidetta.

The Weird World of Zentai - Koska Star Trekin univormut eivät menneet ihonmyötäisyydessä tarpeeksi pitkälle ja koska huntukielto menee liian pitkälle.


Mittasuhteiden merkitys

Videoita Humanity+ UK2010 -konferenssista YouTubessa.

A sense of proportion - Anders Sandberg konferenssin annista.
When thinking about existential risks it is important to have a sense of what the stakes are, and not just think "that is bad" - some things can be many orders of magnitude worse than others. At the same time, as Nick Bostrom pointed out, we have rather minimal research on how to prevent human extinction, about the same size as the literature on dung beetle reproduction. Toby Ord has pointed out that some charities can be up to 10,000 times more efficient in providing health than others (in terms of years of life per dollar donated), just because they focus on particular very effective means. Aubrey de Grey showed a pretty minor advance in biogerontology that was hailed in the media as "the secret of ageing", while rattling of a series of papers with far more profound implications that nobody outside the field has heard of. A graph of cost and size of carbon abatement methods clearly shows that some fix a vastly bigger chunk than others.



Maxed out: Testing humans to destruction - Kuinka pitkään perusmallia oleva ihmiskeho selviää ilman ruokaa, juomaa ja unta? Kuinka paljon lihakeho kestää kylmyyttä, säteilyä ja tyhjiötä?

The science that stops us looking older
- 'cosmeceuticals’, which alter the DNA in your hair and skin.

Private Moon Bases a Hot Idea for Space Pioneer
3D printer could build moon bases
An Archaeological Approach to SETI


Humanity+ UK2010

Humanity+ UK2010 - Päivän konferenssi Lontoossa tänään. Livestream.



Richard Dawkins: I will arrest Pope Benedict XVI - Saakohan tämä paavin perumaan vierailunsa Britteihin?

Eroa kirkosta -sivua voisi mainostaa jälleen tässä välissä.

Your Life In 2020 - Vuonna 2020 robotit elävät puolestasi.

The Children of Cyberspace: Old Fogies by Their 20s - Minun nuoruudessani Facebookissa oli vain nuoria.

Synthesia - Pelaa peliä, opi soittamaan pianoa.



The Collapse of Complex Business Models - Clay Shirky muutosvastarinnasta ja vanhaan monimutkaisuuteen takertumisesta.
When societies fail to respond to reduced circumstances through orderly downsizing, it isn’t because they don’t want to, it’s because they can’t. -- Collapse is simply the last remaining method of simplification.
On space travel - Warren Ellis avaruusmatkailusta.
The single simplest reason why human space flight is necessary is this, stated as plainly as possible: keeping all your breeding pairs in one place is a retarded way to run a species.
Planning our next steps in space - David Brin valmisaterioiden lähettämisestä Marsiin etukäteen.

The mud creature that lives without oxygen - Sanoiko joku jotain hankalasta elinympäristöstä?
The beasts live in conditions that would kill every other known animal. As well as lacking oxygen, the sediments are choked with salt and swamped with hydrogen sulphide gas.
Cars that drive better than you

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - Eliezer Yudkowskyn fanifiktiota.


The NewOrgan Prize

Methuselah Foundation on luonut MPrizen kylkeen uuden palkinnon sille, joka rakentaa toimivan elimen potilaan omista soluista seuraavan kymmenen vuoden aikana.

The NewOrgan Prize will be given for successfully constructing a whole new organ – heart, kidney, lung, pancreas or liver - from a patient's own cells. The organ must be transplanted and have functioned properly for two years in order for the award to be granted. The dollar amount of the prize will grow with donations from the general public.


Näkevätkö androidit painajaisia tekohampaiden putoamisesta?

Uusin xkcd muistutti minua siitä, että olen nähnyt unta sekä hampaiden että hiusten putoamisesta. Mutta en ajatellut niitä painajaisina. Hampaiden putoamisesta uneksiessani tutkin suutani peilin kautta ja mietin, että nyt täytyy hankkia proteesit. Hiusten pudotessa mietin, että voisin ehkä kiinnittää kalloon jotain kuituputkia. Jälkeenpäin ajattelin, että alitajunta yritti näyttää minulle painajaisia, mutta epäonnistui. Tiesin, että ongelma on korjattavissa, joten keskityin vain pohtimaan ratkaisuvaihtoehtoja. Painajaisten pitäisi päivittää pelottelukuvastoaan, muuten ne jäävät kehityksen jalkoihin.

Olen kokenut pari kertaa myös unihalvauksen. Suhteellisen mielenkiintoinen tunne. Jotkut onnettomuuteen joutuneet haluavat kuulemma mieluummin kuolla kuin elää halvaantuneena, mikä on minusta kummallista. Halvaantuminen on vain väliaikainen hidaste, ei mikään loputon painajainen. Jonakin päivänä se selkäydinvamma voidaan korjata tai kiertää. Ei aivojaan kannata heittää roskakoriin siksi, että kroppa on väliaikaisesti remontissa.

World of Warcraft predicts the future - William Sims Bainbridge kertoo tiedekonferenssista WoWissa.
There were a few casualties - poor Wayne Lutters, a colleague of mine, was eaten by a pack of hyenas when he wandered too far from the group during the conference, and another colleague drowned. But there were no real technical problems, and that's what counts to a scientist, right? -- In the drowning case, for example, even while she was dead she could still get the text. She was just floating in the water right next to where we were. She just couldn't get out of it. It happened to be during a session I was running and I just couldn't break away to solve the problem.



Ahto Apajalahden ja Kaj Sotalan Jokapiraatinoikeus (WSOY) ilmestyi tänään. Osta kirjakaupasta, lue netistä, kopioi kaverilta tai lainaa kirjastosta.

ISBN: 978-951-0-36468-0
275 sivua
Hinta alle 15€ eli sopiva


Pysäytetty eloisuus

Mark Roth puhuu rikkivedystä, hapenpuutteesta, keinotekoisesta hibernaatiosta ja kylmässä säilymisestä.

Scott and Scurvy - Kuinka keripukin syy löydettiin, kadotettiin ja löydettiin uudelleen.
Finally, that one of the simplest of diseases managed to utterly confound us for so long, at the cost of millions of lives, even after we had stumbled across an unequivocal cure. It makes you wonder how many incurable ailments of the modern world - depression, autism, hypertension, obesity - will turn out to have equally simple solutions, once we are able to see them in the correct light. What will we be slapping our foreheads about sixty years from now, wondering how we missed something so obvious?
We feel your pain: Extreme empaths
Those with echopraxia, for example, compulsively mimic the actions of everyone they come across, and with a speed and abruptness that suggests it's a reflex rather than premeditated. -- The team struck gold when they targeted the left frontal region of the brain, an area known to be involved in motor function. "When we disrupted this area, people started to show an increase in imitative behavior," Bien says
Briton is recognised as world's first officially genderless person


Keinotekoista jäätä

Ben Best on the feasibility of cryonics at SENS3 - Munuaiset tuottavat virtsaa, aivot tuottavat tietoisuutta. Jäniksen munuainen on vitrifioitu, uudelleenlämmitetty ja siirretty toimivana takaisin jänikseen. Arvelen, että jäniksellä... *laittaa aurinkolasit* nousi kusi päähän. YEEEAAAHH

Cory Doctorow: Making Smarter Dumb Mistakes About the Future - Korporaatiofuturismia.
I don't know how to predict the future, and I never will. But I do know how not to predict it: don't stick to your boss's comfort zone by predicting that doing exactly what you're doing now is exactly the right thing to do forever.
The Jobs Of Yesteryear: Obsolete Occupations - Lector, Elevator Operator, Copy Boy, Pinsetter, River Driver, Iceman, Lamplighter, Milkman, Switchboard Operator, Typist In A Typist Pool, Typesetter, Telegraph Operator.
After 1900, when so-called artificial ice became generally accepted as safe...

A machine that prints organs is coming to market - Organovon 3D-bioprintteri, hinta noin $200,000.

Skinput: Appropriating the Body as an Input Surface - Sormiperkussionisteille.


Is your life just one big RPG?

Triumph of the Cyborg Composer - Säveltäjä Emily Howell on tietokoneohjelma. Kun koneet tekevät musiikin, ihmiset voivat keskittyä oleelliseen eli näyttämään hyvältä lavalla.
At one Santa Cruz concert, the program notes neglected to mention that Emily Howell wasn’t a human being, and a chemistry professor and music aficionado in the audience described the performance of a Howell composition as one of the most moving experiences of his musical life. Six months later, when the same professor attended a lecture of Cope’s on Emily Howell and heard the same concert played from a recording, Cope remembers him saying, “You know, that’s pretty music, but I could tell absolutely, immediately that it was computer-composed. There’s no heart or soul or depth to the piece.”

That sentiment — present in many recent articles, blog posts and comments about Emily Howell — frustrates Cope. “Most of what I’ve heard [and read] is the same old crap,” he complains. “It’s all about machines versus humans, and ‘aren’t you taking away the last little thing we have left that we can call unique to human beings — creativity?’ I just find this so laborious and uncreative.”
Already, at least one prominent pop group — he’s signed a confidentiality agreement, so he can’t say which one — asked him to use software to help them write new songs. He also points to services like Pandora, which uses algorithms to suggest new music to listeners.



Singularity FAQ - Vastauksia kysymyksiin.

Piraattikirjallisuuden luvut 1-7 - Piraattikirjan luonnosversio.

Artificial Flight and Other Myths (a reasoned examination of A.F. by top birds) - Dresden Codak.

The Future of Money - Rahaa kuin roskapostia.

The night I met Einstein - Jos et pidä musiikista, opettele kuuntelemaan.

Aivodoping - Anders Sandberg City-lehdessä.


Lisää vain todellisuus

A survey of anti-cryonics writing - Yhtään kunnollista teknistä artikkelia kryoniikkaa vastaan ei näytä löytyvän. Saman huomasi Ralph Merkle jo 16 vuotta sitten. Kenties kyse on siitä, että ne jotka viitsivät tutkia kryoniikkaa syvällisemmin päätyvät lopulta kryoniikan kannattajiksi.
I mailed Michael Shermer, Steve Jones, Quackwatch, and Professor David Pegg. I told them (quite truthfully) that I had recently started talking to some people who were cryonics advocates, that they seemed persuasive but I wasn't an expert and didn't want to fall for a scam, and asked if there was anything they'd recommend I'd read on the subject to see the other side.

The only one of these to reply was Michael Shermer. He recommended I read David Brin, Steve Harris and Gregory Benford. This is a pretty surprising reply. The latter two are cryonics advocates, and while Brin talks about a lot of possible problems, he agrees with cryonics advocates that it is technically feasable.

Ben Goldacre: The placebo effect - Plaseboefekti hyötykäyttöön ilman valehtelua potilaille.

DNA 2.0: A new operating system for life is created


Vääriä ihmisiä väärässä ympäristössä

Teema: Bioniikka - kone ihmisessä - National Geographic 1/2010 ihmisen varaosista.

Ephemerisle - Kokeellinen vesifestivaali Seasteading Institutelta.

Drug could turn soldiers into super-survivors - Verenhukan haittoja kuriin valproaatilla.

SoundBite - Kuulokoje hampaaseen.


Videot Aubrey de Greyn puheesta

Aubrey de Grey Helsinki 2010 - Videotiedostot de Greyn puheesta viime lauantaina. Ladatkaa, jakakaa, leikatkaa, konvertoikaa ja siirtäkää kätevämpiin videopalveluihin. Edit: YouTubessa

Mars-mönkijä on juuttunut hiekkaan, mutta ei anna periksi vaan jatkaa tutkimuksia.

In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits

The 10:23 Event - Homeopatia on huijausta, joten 'lääkettä' voi niellä pullollisen kerralla.
Sceptics and consumer rights activists will publicly swallow an entire bottle of homeopathic 'pillules' to demonstrate that these 'remedies', prepared according to a long-discredited 18th century ritual, are nothing but sugar pills.



Aubrey de Grey esitelmöi ikääntymisen pysäyttämisestä lauantaina 23.1. Lääkäriliiton talon auditoriossa Helsingissä.

Self-control is contagious, study finds - Kannattaa hengailla robottien seurassa.

Derailing for Dummies - Kuinka suistaa keskustelu syrjinnästä raiteiltaan.

The Final Prejudice - David Deutsch Star Trekistä ja pienten ihmisten kuuntelemisesta.

Roxxxy - Ei kovin seksikäs seksirobotti.

‘Strongest Man,’ 104, dies after he's hit by car - Onnettomuus vei nuorekkaan satavuotiaan.

Why It's So Tricky for Atheists to Debate with Believers


Pidempiä juttuja odotellessa

Useampikin henkilö on toivonut, että kirjoittaisin lisää pitkiä juttuja suomeksi pelkkien linkkien ja englanninkielisten lainausten sijaan. Ymmärrän hyvin, sillä minulla on odottamassa lista aiheista, joista haluaisin kirjoittaa hieman enemmän tai joihin haluaisin palata uudelleen, mutta aiheet eivät tunnu tällä hetkellä niin pakottavan tärkeiltä ja innostavilta, että siirtäisin ne ajankäytössä kärkipäähän. Runsaampia aikoja odotellessa joudutte siis tyytymään linkkeihin ja lyhyisiin kommentteihin - siihen raakamateriaaliin, josta pidemmät kirjoitukset kenties aikanaan syntyvät.

Jos odotellessa käy aika pitkäksi, suosittelen Less Wrongin sekvenssien lukemista.



Accept Defeat: The Neuroscience of Screwing Up - Leuka rintaan ja kohti uusia epäonnistumisia.
This is why other people are so helpful: They shock us out of our cognitive box. “I saw this happen all the time,” Dunbar says. “A scientist would be trying to describe their approach, and they’d be getting a little defensive, and then they’d get this quizzical look on their face. It was like they’d finally understood what was important.
Hacklabs Finland - Yhteisötyöpajat.
TakeOnIt - Vertaile asiantuntijoiden mielipiteitä.

Build An Optimal Scientist, Then Retire - Jürgen Schmidhuberin haastattelu.
It's a bit like asking an ant of 10 million years ago: If humans were created tomorrow, what sort of implications do you think that would have for all the ant colonies?

Scientists create world's first molecular transistor
Scientists 'photograph' nano-particle self-assembly

-- The third-person singular and plural are, respectively, se and ne, which according to the written language specifications refer to an inanimate object or an animal. Thus, at a time when English is moving towards gender-neutrality, Finnish is moving to species-neutrality.
- Gender-neutral pronoun#Uralic_languages