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Teaching Robots the Rules of War - Robotti ei menetä malttiaan, ei pelkää uhrautua, ei ammuskele siviilejä puolinukuksissa eikä kiduta sotavankeja huvikseen.
“My research hypothesis is that intelligent robots can behave more ethically in the battlefield than humans currently can,” says Dr. Arkin. “That’s the case I make.”

Education and Learning: Still in the Middle Ages - Niin, miksi esimerkiksi (pääsy)kokeissa käytetään edelleen lyijykynää ja pyyhekumia? Keskiaikaista touhua, modernit ihmiset käyttäisivät näppäimistöä ja tekstinkäsittelyohjelmaa.
This suggests that science has yet to be applied, or at least successfully applied, to learning. Everywhere we have applied the scientific method, the last few centuries have brought radical changes… And learning stays comparatively still.



Awesome wearable computer setup is powered by Sony VAIO UX UMPC

Monkey's Brain Can "Plug and Play" to Control Computer With Thought

Robot Trash Collectors Are Roaming the Streets of Italy

Jos siinä ei ole kosketusnäyttöä, se on viallinen

Love in 2-D
“Pure love is completely gone in the real world,” Honda wrote. “As long as you train your imagination, a 2-D relationship is much more passionate than a 3-D one.” Honda insists that he’s advocating not prurience but a whole new kind of romance. If, as some researchers suggest, romantic love can be broken down into electrical impulses in the brain, then why not train the mind to simulate those signals while looking at an inanimate character?


Kasvissyöjät ja lihansyöjät

Televisiosarjassa True Blood vampyyrien ei tarvitse enää juoda ihmisverta, koska he voivat juoda synteettistä verta. He voivat elää rauhassa ei-verenjuojien kanssa, koska synteettinen veri on tarpeeksi hyvää ja ravitsevaa.

Kuvitellaan maailma, jossa lihansyöjät ovat kuin vampyyreja. Lihansyöjillä on halu tappaa viattomia eläimiä ravinnokseen. Kasvissyöjät elävät päivällä ja lihansyöjät ovat yöllisiä saalistajia, joille kasvissyöjät iskevät vaajan sydämeen. Eräänä päivänä keksitään synteettinen liha, joka kelpaa lihansyöjille. Lihansyöjien ei tarvitse enää metsästää eläimiä, koska synteettinen liha on tarpeeksi hyvää ja ravitsevaa. He tulevat ulos arkuistaan ja elävät tasavertaisina kasvissyöjien keskuudessa.

Hyväksyvätkö kasvissyöjät keinolihansyöjät yhteisöönsä? Lihansyöjillä on edelleen primitiiviset metsästysvaistot, joten kasvissyöjät ehkä miettivät kaksi kertaa päästävätkö lihansyöjää eläintarhan vartijaksi tai jättävätkö yksin kotiin lemmikkieläimen kanssa. Mutta suurin osa luultavasti hyväksyy keinolihansyöjät.

Jää tietysti pieni kasvissyöjien ääriliike, joka ajattelee keinolihan vain ylläpitävän metsästysvaistoja ja haluaa tappaa kaikki lihansyöjät, jotta maailma olisi varmasti turvallinen paikka eläimille.

Ja pieni joukko äärimmäisiä lihansyöjiä haluaa palata entisaikojen metsästystapoihin, koska kasvissyöjien maailma tuntuu liian kesyltä ja keinolihasta puuttuu jahtiromantiikka.



Singularity Summit 2009 - New Yorkissa 3-4. lokakuuta.

Toxic Substance Allows Birds to "See" Magnetic Field
Cryptochrome is also present in the human eye, but our amount of superoxides is even lower. That's because superoxides reduce longevity, so human evolution has put a premium on longer life spans instead of on better steering. In birds, however, evolution has favored a bit of cellular damage in return for the navigational benefits of magnetic vision, the researchers conclude.
The Next Hacking Frontier: Your Brain?
In some cases, patients might even want to hack into their own neural device. Unlike devices to control prosthetic limbs, which still use wires, many deep brain stimulators already rely on wireless signals. Hacking into these devices could enable patients to “self-prescribe” elevated moods or pain relief by increasing the activity of the brain’s reward centers.
Plantagon - Vertikaalifarmi kasvihuonepallon sisällä.

Not Only Dogs, but Deer, Monkeys and Birds Bark to Deal with Conflict
Holy f*@!: Swearing alleviates pain - Onko näillä jotain yhteistä?



New clues in search for elixir of youth
Mice on rapamycin, which was first discovered in soil fungus from Easter Island, lived about 10 per cent longer than other mice. Kaeberlein says that the drug's ability to extend lifespan when taken late in life is "exactly what you'd want from an 'anti-ageing drug'". -- "It's set a high bar for the field," agrees David Sinclair, a molecular biologist at Harvard University Medical School in Boston. "It's also the first time that a drug has worked so late in life"
Memristor minds: The future of artificial intelligence
-- But then they changed the rules. Instead of giving P. polycephalum a fourth blast of cold air, they did nothing. The slime mould's reaction was remarkable: it slowed down again, in anticipation of a blast that never came. -- It's worth taking a moment to think about what this means. Somehow, this single-celled organism had memorised the pattern of events it was faced with and changed its behaviour to anticipate a future event. -- The Japanese paper rang a bell with Max Di Ventra, a physicist at the University of California, San Diego. He was one of the few who had followed Chua's work, and recognised that the slime mould was behaving like a memristive circuit.
My top 10 Frightening Scientific Papers

Positive emotions increase life satisfaction by building resilience


Posthumaaneja roolipelejä ja parkouria

Eclipse Phase - Sääntökirja tulossa tänä kesänä ja filmioptio varattu.

FreeMarket - Yhteistyöpeliä avaruusasemalla.

The Runner -Exploit yourself- from BLR_VFX on Vimeo.

Apple iPhone to Replace Your Hearing Aids?
Additionally, the application continuously keeps a recorded buffer of what it hears, allowing you to quickly replay the last five to thirty seconds of a misheard conversation.

Why Music Moves Us
And of course people self-medicate with music all the time. Broad surveys have found that nearly everybody reports listening to music by themselves for the purpose of enhancing or altering their emotional state. -- even amid uncertainty about music’s origins, we can still use songs to pump ourselves up or calm ourselves down, ease pain and anxiety, bond with others or simply move people to tears. “Music is the most direct and mysterious way of conveying and evoking feeling,” Sacks professes. “It is a way of connecting one consciousness to another. I think the nearest thing to telepathy is making music together.”


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Highlights From Day One At Singularity University
I hesitate even to call the 40 attendees of the University “students”, for this term brings to mind images of youths in high school or undergraduate studies that are still at the very beginning of their learning curves. Nearly all of the 40 attendees of Singularity University are at the Ph.D level or beyond in their professional and academic careers. Visiting scholar or simply professional might be a more appropriate term.
World's First Controllable Molecular Gear At Nanoscale Created

Real-time Control Of Wheelchair With Brain Waves

Water should be a human right