Race is on to use embryonic stem cells in humans

Intel Wants Brain Implants in Its Customers' Heads by 2020

Addicted To Being Good? The Psychopathology of Heroism - Extreme-altruistit. Aiemmin: Sankarit ja psykopaatit

The myth of the starship
Such an interstellar capability isn't going to look much like a "ship". It's going to look more like a DVD balanced on a microwave beam, or a can of beans hanging below a light sail energized by lasers powered by huge orbiting solar power stations. There won't be any biological agencies aboard: just AGIs or something equivalent ported out of a fleshbody's cranium. No hands, only nanotech assemblers. And after a voyage of decades or centuries it's going to have to stop — somehow braking at the other end — then spend more decades farming rocks, slush and sunlight to build ever-bigger physical structures until it can build the equipment with which to phone home.


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YleX Mielipidevanki: Transhumanisti uskoo 1000 vuoden elinikään - Jani Moliis radiohaastattelussa.

Genetically enhance humanity or face extinction - Julian Savulescun puhe Sydneyn oopperatalossa.

A Universe From Nothing - Lawrence Kraussin puhe universumin synnystä ja yksinäisestä galaksista kaukana, kaukana kaikesta.

Medibots: The world's smallest surgeons

Leaked UK government plan to create "Pirate Finder General" with power to appoint militias, create laws


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Tulevaisuuden teknologiat - teknologian tulevaisuus - Jose Cordeiro esitelmöi Helsingissä 23.11. Tilaisuuden järjestävät yhteistyössä Tieteen ja teknologian vihreät ja Suomen transhumanistiliitto.

Singularity Universityn luentoja:
Andrew Hessel - Introduction to Synthetic Biology
Ralph Merkle - An introduction to Molecular Nanotechnology

Bloggingheads.tv Robert Greene & Eliezer Yudkowsky

Top 10 Cyborg Videos

Gizmodo - This Cyborg Life
Normal Was Never Cool: Inception of Perception
Racing on Carbon Fiber Legs: How Abled Should We Be?
Commence the comical nightmare of being told that we now possess an "unfair advantage" in wearing prosthetic limbs to run. The scores of amputee sprinters who had competed with the limbs for the previous 13 years—and were still comfortably categorized as "disabled"—were virtually ignored. What is fascinating is the immediate shift in society's regard of a disabled athlete as an "inspiration" (cue the patronizing "awwwww") to a legitimate threat to other athletes ("Uh, what the hell do we do now?").

Tele Scouter - Silmälasikääntäjä.

The amazing man who drives car with thought-powered arms after losing limbs in accident

Don't pack your parachute: Totally free fall



I am unable to feel most emotion: I have alexithymia. AMA
I am unable to feel pain, hot, or cold. (I have CIPA) AMA

The Dad's Army of British cryonics
"In America, we didn't do it until we started regular animal experiments. You need to establish a teaching and training environment. Read the book The Knife Man, about John Hunter, one of the greatest men in your country. The greatest surgeon in London, and they wouldn't even let him lecture in the official facilities. He had to build his own building in his home to teach his students." Darwin feels he has much in common with Hunter, a prophet without honour. "He created disciples, students who went all over the world and took what he taught them. That's what we were trying to do; establish an environment to create a self-perpetuating professionalism."
Philips food probe - Diagnostic kitchen, home farming, food printing.