Kolme lainausta

Koko piratismin käsitteen lanseeraaminen ja laittoman kopioinnin aiheuttamista "menetyksistä" puhuminen on ollut aivan uskomattoman nerokas - jos kohta aika törkeä - propagandatemppu, jolla ympäröivän havainnoitavan todellisuuden ominaisuudet ja taloudelliset lainalaisuudet on saatu täysin sivuutettua ja painettua villaisella. Väittäisin, että kyseessä on suurin huijaus ihmiskunnan historiassa.Tiedemies Seikkailee

Why are software patents a bad thing? Imagine if you were a musician, composing a symphony. If there were "music patents" in the same way there are software patents, you might get sued for using a trombone to play a solo in the middle of your symphony, because some corporation has patented the method of using trombones in solos. This is, of course, absurd. - ButtUgly

There's also an inherent contradiction: as the precautionary principle cannot remove all risks, but only suppress some of them while forcing us into taking others, it should submit to its own test. Its proponents should have to prove that its implementation does not imply any irreversible or damaging risks for the population. This is impossible; so, just to be safe, the principle should be banned.Risky bisness

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