Koska ihmisyys haisee

An unsanitised history of washing
The surreptitious way people revealed their deviations to me indicates how thoroughly we have been conditioned: to risk smelling like a human is a misdemeanour, and the goal is to smell like an exotic fruit or a cookie. The standard we read about in magazines and see on television is a sterilised and synthetic one.
Iceman on Everest: 'It Was Easy'
Dr. Ken Kamler, author of "Surviving the Extremes," has treated dozens of people who tried to climb Mount Everest, and instead nearly died from the frigid temperatures. He couldn't believe it when he got word of a Dutchman making the ascent with no protection other than a pair of shorts.
BBQ-smoker-turned-'Robocop' chases off drug dealers

Brain Enhancement Is Wrong, Right?

Seven ways to control the Galaxy with self-replicating probes

Mind-reading with a brain scan

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