Suodata kohina ja kuulet sen mitä muut eivät

Australiassa sadat poliisit harrastavat piratismia, mutta ketään ei rangaista, koska mukana on niin paljon poliiseja. Mitä tästä opimme? Meidän täytyy harrastaa piratismia enemmän ja suuremmalla joukolla.

Confessions of a Bionic Man - Michael Chorost.
During one programming session, I asked my audiologist to turn off all the electrodes except the one that transmitted the lowest-frequency sounds. I heard a faint rattling noise. The audiologist couldn't hear it. We finally realized that I was hearing the air conditioner through the vents. With every other frequency filtered out, I was able to hear what normally hearing people couldn't.

Making the World A Billion Times Better - Ray Kurzweil.
The important point is this: Now that we can model, simulate and reprogram biology just like we can a computer, it will be subject to the law of accelerating returns, a doubling of capability in less than a year.

Total Recall
However difficult the practicalities, there’s no reason in principle why a future generation of neural prostheticists couldn’t pick up where nature left off, incorporating Google-like master maps into neural implants. This in turn would allow us to search our own memories — not just those on the Web — with something like the efficiency and reliability of a computer search engine.

He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work)
It is the idea of automating difficult or boring work that led Mr. Parker to become involved. Comparing himself to a distant disciple of Henry Ford, he said he was “deconstructing the process of getting books into people’s hands; every single step we could think of, we automated.”

Cyberwalk Project - Video monisuuntaisesta juoksumatosta.

Nomads at last - Astronautilla on aina läppäri laukussa, nomadi hyökkää tarpeen tullen lähimpään kirjastoon tai nettikahvilaan. Astronautti matkustaa kaukaisille korpimaille, nomadi pysyy verkon sisällä.

It Takes a Cyber Village to Catch an Auto Thief - Jälleen kollektiivista rikostutkintaa.

Russell Higgs vaihtaa kasvojaan kerran päivässä.

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