Would eating heavy atoms lengthen our lives? - Retrotope suosittelee raskasta vettä.
Retrotope is not advocating heavy water as an elixir of youth. Instead, it wants to package up heavy isotopes in what Shchepinov calls "iFood". This method has huge advantages, not least because it allows the heavy isotopes to be targeted to the most vulnerable carbon-hydrogen bonds. Of the 20 amino acids used by humans, 10 cannot be made by the body and must be present in the diet. That means if you supplement your diet with essential amino acids that have already had their vulnerable bonds strengthened, your body's proteins will have these reinforced amino acids incorporated into them. Some of the building blocks of fats and DNA can also only be acquired via your diet, which means they too can be targeted using the iFood approach.
An Infinite Loop in the Brain - Luonnollinen valokuvamuisti ei kelpaa, koska sitä ei voi hallita.
"Starting on Feb. 5, 1980, I remember everything. That was a Tuesday." -- In addition to good memories, every angry word, every mistake, every disappointment, every shock and every moment of pain goes unforgotten. Time heals no wounds for Price. "I don't look back at the past with any distance. It's more like experiencing everything over and over again, and those memories trigger exactly the same emotions in me. It's like an endless, chaotic film that can completely overpower me. And there's no stop button."
Microgripper - Tekokäsi yrittää järjestellä luonnon legopalikoita tarkemmin.

Here Be Dragons: An Introduction to Critical Thinking - Videojohdanto kriittiseen ajatteluun.

"Very smart people make very stupid mistakes, and they do it with surprising regularity."
- Anders Sandberg

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