The Mad Scientist Bringing Back the Dead... Really. - Mark Roth, rikkivety ja Ikaria.

Raising the World’s I.Q.
An educated guess is that iodine deficiency results in a needless loss of more than 1 billion I.Q. points around the world.
Do We Overrate Basic Research? - Enemmän keskitason katukäyttöä.
Mr. Bhidé derides the conventional view in science and technology circles as “techno-nationalism,” needlessly alarmist and based on a widely held misunderstanding of how technological innovation yields economic growth. In his view, many analysts put too much emphasis on the production of new technological ideas. Instead, he observes, the real economic payoff lies in innovations in how technologies are used.
Born to Run? Little Ones Get Test for Sports Gene
Speed Gene: Fact of Fiction?
Lacking the ACTN3 protein does not seem to have any harmful health effects, but there does seem to be an effect on sports performance. Several studies have found that Olympic-level power athletes always have at least one working copy of the ACTN3 gene.
How the president-elect tapped into a powerful—and only recently studied—human emotion called "elevation."
Keltner believes certain people are "vagal superstars"—in the lab he has measured people who have high vagus nerve activity. "They respond to stress with calmness and resilience, they build networks, break up conflicts, they're more cooperative, they handle bereavement better." He says being around these people makes other people feel good. "I would guarantee Barack Obama is off the charts. Just bring him to my lab." -- The vagus nerve works with oxytocin, the hormone of connection. -- "We had to evolve these emotions to devote ourselves into social collectives," he says.

Google on tehnyt ratkaisevan sopimuksen kirjailijoiden ja kustantajien kanssa.

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