A Marriage Manifesto... Of Sorts
Suddenly the majority gets to feel what the minority feels. In a moment they feel what it’s like to have their relationship downgraded, and to have a much taken-for-granted right called into question because of another’s beliefs. Just replace the words husband, wife, spouse, or fiancé with boyfriend, girlfriend, special friend, or longtime companion. -- They say their beliefs don’t recognize my marriage, I say my beliefs don’t recognize theirs. Simple.
Never Say Die: The Search for Longer Life
Telomere biologist Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences is taking a telomerase-boosting supplement called TA-65. "I believe it's safer than driving my car to work," he says. Since he started taking it a year and a half ago, Andrews says he has moved from the back of the pack to the front in 100-mile runs known as ultramarathons. But don't expect to find TA-65 at your local Vitamin Shoppe. It is available only from TA Sciences—for $25,000 a year.

H. M., an Unforgettable Amnesiac, Dies at 82

Grasshopper - Kokoon taittuva ekopolkupyörä-kuntopyörä.

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