H+ Magazine #4

H+ Magazine Fall Issue - Syksynumero ilmestynyt ja piakkoin saatavilla myös rajoitettuna paperiversiona. Toivottavasti tulevaisuudessa myös kivikaiverruksina ja käsin kopioituina papyrusversioina - koska kunnon tulevaisuus tarkoittaa enemmän vaihtoehtoja, ei vähemmän.
It's like this: a few have commented that it's weird that a futurist magazine should choose an archaic format. -- While I have no love for Victorianism, this is the kind of future that attracts me – a future where new technology expands our options, including our options to work and play within forms and worlds that may have been long since rendered archaic (or disintermediated). A future (and a present) where we drive the technoculture more and the technoculture drives us less.

The age of enhancement
Evolution, he thinks, has so optimised the brain that its capacities operate in a fragile equilibrium. His team has engineered ordinary mice to learn quicker and better, but these bionic creatures are less able to apply their knowledge flexibly. However, as Giese acknowledges, some of us may be willing to make these kind of trade-offs. -- One day, in theory, science may crack the trade-off problem. It may be feasible to strengthen one capacity with minimal or no cost to another. Even so, enhancement will never automatically equate to improvement.

The curious case of the game show neuroscientists, or how NOT to research an online community
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