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Can Drugs Make You Love Someone You Don't? - Jos rakkaus ei nouse itsekseen, ota rakkausviagraa.
They do know, for example, why you suddenly become as excited as a schoolgirl, get butterflies in your stomach and can’t eat or sleep when you first fall in love. "Natural amphetamines are triggered in the brain and do what any natural or synthetic amphetamine does," explains Francoeur. "They give you that hyped-up feeling." So basically, you’re on speed. If you’re lucky when your brain eventually comes down, endorphins kick in. "These are the natural opiates, like serotonin" says Francoeur, "these give us the feelings of relaxation and security that come with long-term love." Combine endorphins with oxytocin, otherwise known as the "bonding" or "cuddling" hormone, and, tah-dah, you’ve got a long-term relationship.

New research shows clean smells promote moral behavior, aikaisemmin Graffiti and litter lead to more street crime - Tulevaisuuden kukille tuoksuvat ihmiset pukeutuvat kirkkaisiin kimonoihin ja asuvat puhtaissa, pastellinsävyisissä huoneissa.

Rethinking What Leads the Way: Science, or New Technology?
“It’s technology that gives rise to both modern science and the economy, and we tend to think of it in reverse — that science gives rise to technology and the economy gives rise to technology. But technology is more fundamental than either one.”

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