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Alcor vastaa Larry Johnsonin sensaatiohakuisen Frozen-kirjan älyvapaisiin väitteisiin.
Mr. Johnson was caught in his own web of deceit when one of his claimed errors in the Ted Williams case was exposed as false. He was also forced to admit that he tried to profit from the death of baseball great, Ted Williams by charging visitors to his website $20 to view alleged photos of Mr. Williams' cryopreserved head.
The sensationalized reference to the use of a "hammer and chisel" in a cryopreservation demonstrates either Mr. Johnson's ignorance or an effort to hoodwink the public. In a surgical context, those instruments are called a "mallet and osteotome" commonly used by orthopedists for surgical procedures involving bone.

Johnson's statements about tissue debris, tuna, and cats are fictionalized accounts crafted for maximum tabloid shock value, as is nearly the entirety of his book.
As Nightline asked in the lead-in to the segment, "is this self-styled whistleblower just out to make money?" The answer is a resounding yes.
Samankaltaisia väitteitä esitti myös Sports Illustrated vuonna 2003.
Virtues Portrayed as Vices
Perhaps the most unfair aspect of the allegations against Alcor is that conscientious and well-justified procedures were perceived as wrongdoing.

* Why does Alcor remove heads? Because, according to Alcor, that allows the best possible preservation of the brain. The brain is the primary target of preservation in cryonics.

* Why doesn't Alcor just remove the brain? Because the brain would be injured in the process.

* Why does Alcor make two small holes in the skull? To properly monitor the brain.

* Why does Alcor get "cracks"? All large organs treated with chemicals to suppress ice formation develop invisible fractures during deep cooling. Alcor was the first institution anywhere to discover and monitor fracturing with a unique acoustic (sound detection) technology. Nobody would even know about this problem were it not for Alcor's extraordinary efforts to measure and document it during cryonics cases.

Consider if a journalist did this expose of the funeral industry: "Funeral Home Scandal: Bodies injected with poison, organs mutilated, remains stuffed into wood boxes and covered with dirt!" It's all true, right? Of course, if a disgruntled apprentice embalmer went to a sports magazine describing in graphic detail the use of a trocar during embalming of a sports celebrity, or the physical effects of cremation, he would be escorted out of the building by security.

MTV3:n uutisen sisältämiin asiavirheisiin löytyy korjauksia kryoniikkaseuran blogista.

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