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Tulevaisuuden teknologiat - teknologian tulevaisuus - Jose Cordeiro esitelmöi Helsingissä 23.11. Tilaisuuden järjestävät yhteistyössä Tieteen ja teknologian vihreät ja Suomen transhumanistiliitto.

Singularity Universityn luentoja:
Andrew Hessel - Introduction to Synthetic Biology
Ralph Merkle - An introduction to Molecular Nanotechnology

Bloggingheads.tv Robert Greene & Eliezer Yudkowsky

Top 10 Cyborg Videos

Gizmodo - This Cyborg Life
Normal Was Never Cool: Inception of Perception
Racing on Carbon Fiber Legs: How Abled Should We Be?
Commence the comical nightmare of being told that we now possess an "unfair advantage" in wearing prosthetic limbs to run. The scores of amputee sprinters who had competed with the limbs for the previous 13 years—and were still comfortably categorized as "disabled"—were virtually ignored. What is fascinating is the immediate shift in society's regard of a disabled athlete as an "inspiration" (cue the patronizing "awwwww") to a legitimate threat to other athletes ("Uh, what the hell do we do now?").

Tele Scouter - Silmälasikääntäjä.

The amazing man who drives car with thought-powered arms after losing limbs in accident

Don't pack your parachute: Totally free fall

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