I am unable to feel most emotion: I have alexithymia. AMA
I am unable to feel pain, hot, or cold. (I have CIPA) AMA

The Dad's Army of British cryonics
"In America, we didn't do it until we started regular animal experiments. You need to establish a teaching and training environment. Read the book The Knife Man, about John Hunter, one of the greatest men in your country. The greatest surgeon in London, and they wouldn't even let him lecture in the official facilities. He had to build his own building in his home to teach his students." Darwin feels he has much in common with Hunter, a prophet without honour. "He created disciples, students who went all over the world and took what he taught them. That's what we were trying to do; establish an environment to create a self-perpetuating professionalism."
Philips food probe - Diagnostic kitchen, home farming, food printing.

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