Puoli milliä kasassa

Methuselah Foundation on saavuttanut puolen miljoonan dollarin rajapyykin. Suurlahjoitus tehtiin X-Prize Foundationin nimellä, mutta nimettömästi. Linkki.

“We’ve seen how prizes such as the X PRIZE and the Methuselah Mouse Prize can dramatically increase competition and innovation, and create interest for the public,” said Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, Founder and Executive Producer of the X PRIZE. “With this contribution, we’re signaling our belief that Prizes can not only take us into space, but help bring about breakthroughs in the way we live and age.”

“We’re thrilled to have the support of the X PRIZE, said David Gobel, Director of the Methuselah Foundation and the Methuselah Mouse Prize. “This landmark contribution will further swell the size of the Prize, and encourage scientific research teams around the world to develop breakthrough techniques for extending the healthy human lifespan. It will create a needed impetus and focus for the development of new rejuvenation therapies.”

Mukavaa, kun palkinnot täydentävät toisiaan tällä tavoin. Pitkää ikää ja avaruuteen!

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