The Year's 10 Craziest Ways to Hack the Earth - Ykkönen osuu maaliin.

Blue man leaves Oregon in search of acceptance - Kolloidinen hopea muuttaa ihon pysyvästi harmaansiniseksi. Terveellisempi tapa smurffata on käyttää ihomaalia.

sQuba - Vedenalainen auto.

New biochip could replace animal testing
The DataChip currently contains 1,080 human cell cultures arranged within a gel made of collagen or algae extract, approximating how cells are arranged in organs of the human body. For now, the DataChip establishes a drug's toxicity by whether it kills cells or inhibits their growth. Through fundamental research, however, Clark and Dordick hope to adapt this methodology to test for other biological responses, not just cell death.

It's Time to Legalize Drugs
Others say legalization would open the floodgates to huge increases in drug abuse. They forget that we already live in a world in which psychoactive drugs of all sorts are readily available -- and in which people too poor to buy drugs resort to sniffing gasoline, glue, and other industrial products, which can be more harmful than any drug. -- The global war on drugs persists in part because so many people fail to distinguish between the harms of drug abuse and the harms of prohibition.

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