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Visions of the Future
1. The Intelligence Revolution
2. The Biotech Revolution
3. The Quantum Revolution

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The Top 10 New Organisms of 2007

TechReview: The Year in Biotech

Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep - Orexin A

Drugs to build up that mental muscle
The growth of the brain drugs bears a striking resemblance to the post-World War I evolution of plastic surgery -- developed to rehabilitate badly disfigured soldiers but later embraced by healthy people who wanted larger breasts and fewer wrinkles.

'Kind and Gentle' Molecular Machine Could Operate at Near-Equilibrium
“Much emphasis has been put on the ‘non-equilibrium’ aspects of the system, but in fact this is not really important. The motion of the rings here arises due to a combination of topology that break spatial symmetry, and the slow external modulation that breaks time symmetry. It is also important to recognize that, in the molecular world, we can truly have motors that operate with nearly 100% efficiency.”

Sex, aggression, and humour: responses to unicycling
This study observed the response to a sudden, unexpected exposure to a new phenomenon—unicycling. The response to this stimulus was surprisingly consistent but varied with age, sex, and stage of sexual development. Young children were curious, but as boys grew older their response became physically and verbally aggressive. As boys matured to men their response became more verbal and evolved into the concealed aggression of a humorous verbal put-down, which was lost with age. In contrast, the female response was praise and concern for safety.

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