Anonymous vs. Scientology

Anonyymit protestoivat tänään maailmanlaajuisesti Hubbardin keksimää humpuukia vastaan.

Wikinews international report: "Anonymous" holds anti-Scientology protests worldwide

deathboy anonymous vs scientology
I can't remember the source, but there's some sci-fi story I've read where the conclusion reads along the lines of "They could withstand the fiecest of our weapons, they could defeat us intellectually, but in the end, I think they died of sheer culture shock" - the looks on the faces of the scientologists when faced with a crowd in which a lone voice shouts:



... how do you fight that?

How do you, ideologically speaking, defeat a crowd that is enthusiastically demanding that you "DO A BARREL ROLL! DO A BARREL ROLL!!" ?

Seuraava protesti 15. maaliskuuta.

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