Hybridilähtöinen ajattelutapa

What's The Harm? - Mitä haittaa on kriittisen ajattelun puutteesta.

Review: Robots in Space
The argument that the authors put forward, after a digression on the long-term future of interstellar spaceflight, is for a hybrid approach: combining the durability and efficiency of robots with the intellect and imagination of humans into a single package. This leads to a discussion of cyborgs, nanotechnology, genetics, and other elements of what is often called transhumanism or posthumanism.

AGI-08 - The First Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, March 1-3, 2008. Promovideo.

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As long as you’re ready to face the possibility that everything that makes your spirits soar, everything that lifts you up and fills your heart with joy, everything that makes your life worth living... is a lie, is corruption, is meaningless — then you can never be enslaved.
- Greg Egan, Oceanic

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