How to spot a hidden religious agenda
If common sense were a reliable guide, we wouldn't need science in the first place.

Rewiring the Brain: Inside the New Science of Neuroengineering
Metaphorically, the neuroengineering approach brings the study of the brain into the Age of Enlightenment. By isolating, then testing and altering individual parts of the neural system, we can, for the first time, truly understand what those components do. Ultimately, we can enhance an individual function while leaving the rest of the system untouched. It's the same transition that let us move from alchemy to atomic physics. Boyden is trying to get his optical switch precise enough to fire a single neuron, the atomic unit of the mind.
Steroids and the Lost Data of Self-Experiment
Phineus: Pro athletes who claim ignorance are using the only defense they can. "I thought I was injecting flaxseed oil to get bigger." Right. That would be like a NASCAR driver claiming he knows nothing about fuel or tires. His job requires he know the vehicle, and being a top professional athlete requires understanding exactly what you put in your body to get performance out of your organic machine.

Scientists engineer new type of vaccination that provides instant immunity - Chemically programmable vaccination and covalent self-assembly.

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