Designer Babies: A Right to Choose?
But if you think that people have a right to choose how many children they have, or the partners they have them with — "I love you, but you're just too short, or too ugly" — that's a procreative choice. If I've got a dozen embryos I could implant, and the ones I want to implant are the green-eyed ones, or the blond-haired ones, that's an extension of choices we think are perfectly acceptable — and restricting them a violation of our procreative autonomy. I want to see a society in which parents can say, I want my kids to have the best possible options in life. That might include getting rid of obesity genes. Every child should be a loved child, but there is no virtue in accident.
Scandinavian Nonbelievers, Which Is Not to Say Atheists - Amerikkalaistutkija hämmästelee pohjoismaista uskonnottomuutta. Toisaalta on hyvä, että ihmiset ovat välinpitämättömiä uskontoja kohtaan, mutta toisaalta välinpitämättömyys tarkoittaa vanhojen uskonnollisten tapojen sokeaa toimittamista kasteineen ja rippikouluineen. Jos et välitä koko jutusta, eroa kirkosta.
“I spent a year scratching,” Mr. Zuckerman writes. “I scratched and I scratched and I scratched.” And he concluded that “religion wasn’t really so much a private, personal issue, but rather, a nonissue.” His interviewees just didn’t care about it.
HULC - Lockheedin kevyt eksoskeleton.

Blue field entoptic phenomenon - Näe valkosolut silmissäsi (kiitos, Anonyymi)

Sixth Sense - TED-video lisätodellisuuslaitteista.

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