The man who will help you live for 1,000 years - Rutiinijuttu Aubrey de Greystä.

Nerogame.org - Neuro-Evolving Robotic Operatives.

Meet IvanAnywhere - Tee-se-itse telepresenssiä.
IvanAnywhere's batteries need to be recharged daily, a fact forgotten by his co-workers on at least one occasion. "I was wandering the halls at night looking for somebody to plug me in," Bowman says.
MIT probes secret of bone's strength
"It's quite possible that each scale of bone--from the molecular on up--has its own toughening mechanism," said Buehler. "This hierarchical distribution of toughening may be critical to explaining the intriguing properties of bone and laying the foundation for new materials design that includes the nanostructure as a specific design variable."

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