One Species' Genome Discovered Inside Another's
"In a way, wolbachia could be the next mitochondria," says Werren. "A hundred million years from now, everyone may have a wolbachia organelle."
Recruiting smell for the hard sell
They discovered that when "feminine scents", like vanilla, were used, sales of women's clothes doubled; as did men's clothes when scents like rose maroc were diffused. -- "Scent marketing is a great idea for the general public but if done surreptitiously it could cause discomfort or harm." There should be signs notifying that air is scented to protect vulnerable individuals, he adds. -- A spokesman from IFF revealed that the company has developed technology to scent materials from fibres to plastic, suggesting that we can expect a more aromatic future, with everything from scented exercise clothing and towels to MP3 players with a customised scent.
Cup&Up - Kylkiluihin kiinnitettävät push-up -rintaimplantit.

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