Pushing the impossible - Cory Doctorow
The thing is that when they say that you can't travel than fast than the speed of light, they're talking about the fundamental principles of physics: it's impossible to get beyond lightspeed, even if science fiction movies help us conceptualise it. In the same way, we can imagine building progressively better software locks for movies, music, ebooks, and software until we hit on one that even the wiliest hacker can't defeat. But, just like the physicists, the geeks who say that DRM can never reach this point are speaking about fundamental principles of information science. It's impossible to get that far.
The 'elixir of life' that could soon be given by injection - Tämäkin porukka mukana SENS-konferenssissa. (Kiitos linkistä, right bastard)

Content Aware Image Resizing - Kätevää kuvankäsittelyä.

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