Enhancing the species - John Harris
For him there is no particular virtue in human frailty, nothing particularly special about “humanness” (except our capacity for self-awareness, which is not threatened by opera glasses, vaccination or other enhancements) and no particular reason to preserve our stage of human evolution in aspic: “Can you imagine our ape ancestors getting together and saying, ‘This is pretty good, guys. Let’s stop it right here!’. That’s the equivalent of what people say today.”

Are mirrors the best way to deflect asteroids?
In this way, they would heat the asteroid's surface to more than 2100° C, enough to start vaporising it. As the gases spewed from the asteroid, they would create a small thrust in the opposite direction, altering the asteroid's orbit. -- To deflect a 20-kilometre asteroid, about the size of the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, it would take the combined work of 5000 mirror spacecraft focusing sunlight on the asteroid for three or more years.

The Future of Food - 25 keittiövälinettä molekulaariseen gastronomiaan.

LucidTouch - Läpinäkyvä näppäilynäyttö.

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