Radiation damage is simply cellular damage. If we can learn how to repair such damage — something that our bodies do well when young — and do it fast enough, one can sustain an almost arbitrarily large amount of it while staying in good health. (Note that if you want to ride a nuclear rocket, radiation repair would be a handy trick as well.)
- Transhumans in space

If extraterrestrial intelligence exists, Stephen Dick concludes in an article in the International Journal of Astrobiology, it has probably evolved beyond biology to an advanced form of artificial intelligence that is the product of million or billions of years of technological and cultural evolution similar to the civilizations Arthur C Clarke envisioned that created the Tycho Monoliths in 2001 - A Space Odyssey. In a post-biological universe machines are the dominant form of intelligence.

Nick Bostromin simulaatioargumentti telkkarissa. Mikäli mahdollisuus simulaatiossa elämiselle on (vain) 20 prosenttia, veikkaisin rahaa sen puolesta, että emme elä simulaatiossa.

New plastic is strong as steel, transparent

Atmocean - Ilmaston lämpenemistä voisi kenties estää aalloilla toimivilla kumpuamispumpuilla.

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