Vestigial Organs Seem Ripe for Transhumanist Tweaks

Robots that know when they've hit you

Bug Labs - Modulaarisia vempaimia.

In the last ten years, during which we've decoded the human genome and started to write our own genetic code... this time in history will be one of those bright lines in which we will acquire the ability to change humanity as we understand it. That's not something that has even been possible to contemplate before, except in sci-fi movies. ... Regeneration is based on stem cells. If we don't understand stem cells, which are the translators of the genetic code, then we are wasting our time trying to understand the genetic code. There is probably nothing more important to study about human biology than stem cells. The fact that [this research] has been blocked by the Bush Administration on religious grounds is one of the intellectual tragedies of our century.
-- Craig Venter: Genetics Pioneer, Rolling Stone Magazine

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