Teklepaattisia tekstiviestejä ja syksyllä kauppoihin saapuvat teklekinesialelut. Jos keskittymiskykyä mielileluilla leikkimiseen ei riitä omasta takaa, täytyy keksiä keinotekoiset midichloriaanit käyttää mieltä tiukentavia lääkkeitä.

Researchers Use Brain Interface to Post to Twitter
Wilson, who used the interface to post the Twitter update, likens it to texting on a cell phone. “You have to press a button four times to get the character you want,” he says of texting. “So this is kind of a slow process at first.” However, as with texting, users improve as they practice using the interface. “I’ve seen people do up to eight characters per minute,” says Wilson.

Brain Wave of The Future
In the 1st century, Heron of Alexandria invented the aeolipile: a metal ball with curved nozzles sticking out of it, perched on stilts. With water in it, and flame beneath it, the resultant steam would make it spin, whiz, whiz, whiz. Such fun. Nobody understood they were looking at a steam engine. Hence, the Industrial Revolution didn't start for another 1700 years. In 1267 Roger Bacon wrote about "a child's toy of sound and fire and explosion made in various parts of the world with powder of saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal of hazelwood." That description of firecrackers is one of the earliest European references to gunpowder. Toys make sense as early adoptions of a new technology. Parents will pay to make their children smile.

Brain Gain: The underground world of “neuroenhancing” drugs
“Often, I’ve looked back at papers I’ve written on Adderall, and they’re verbose. They’re belaboring a point, trying to create this airtight argument, when if you just got to your point in a more direct manner it would be stronger. But with Adderall I’d produce two pages on something that could be said in a couple of sentences.” Nevertheless, his Adderall-assisted papers usually earned him at least a B. They got the job done. As Alex put it, “Productivity is a good thing.”

Transition movement - Jos on pakko peruuttaa yksinkertaisempaan elämään, sen tulisi tapahtua järjestelmällisesti ja suunnitellusti. Vertaa: The Outquisition
Hopkins insists that if an entire community faces this stark challenge together, it might be able to design an “elegant descent” from that peak. We can consciously plot a path into a lower-energy life — a life of walkable villages, local food and artisans and greater intimacy with the natural world — which, on balance, could actually be richer and more enjoyable than what we have now. Transition, Hopkins has written, meets our era’s threats with a spirit of “elation, rather than the guilt, anger and horror” behind most environmental activism.

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