The $1000 Seastead Design Contest - Suunnittele kotoisan merellinen mikrovaltio Google SketchUpilla ja voita rahaa. Aikaa tämän kuun loppuun.
  • $1,000 Grand Prize to the best overall design.
  • $250 Prize for Aesthetic Design to the model that is the most visually appealing and enticing.
  • $250 Prize for Personality to the design that creates the best sense of human influence or presence (people walking, smoke coming out of a chimney, a colorful sign in front of a business, etc.)
  • $250 Prize for Best Picture to the best-looking still image of a seastead model.
  • $250 Prize for Community Choice will go to the design that garners the most votes in a public poll.

Stuck In The Middle With Bruce - Artikkeli ihmisten halusta pilata omat voittomahdollisuutensa (ja osittain ihmisistä, joille voitto on niin tärkeä, että huijauskin on sallittua).

Transhumanist politics, 1700 to the near future - James Hughes pohtii transhumanismin poliittisia ulottuvuuksia. "Enlightenment on steroids"

Where’s my body’s Control Panel?
Watching “The Biggest Loser” a bit recently (yes that makes me the loser), it strikes me that we have made weight loss into a moral endeavour. “No pain no gain”. We invoke purity/sanctity, the message is “you have sinned, now you must do penance, and only then shall you be rewarded with weight loss”. It’s easy to just accept that, because it plays to our fundamental moral systems, but if you think about it rationally, it’s nuts. What’s really happening with weight gain is that we have a system (our bodies) with a regulatory mechanism adapted to calorie shortage, and no administrative override, no calibration features.

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