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Jack Vance: Green Magic – tajuntaa laajentava fantasianovelli
Terry Bisson: They’re Made Out of Meat – ajaton klassikko
Eliezer Yudkowsky: Non-Player Character – minimalistisen ovela roolipelitarina
R.A.Lafferty: Land of the Great Horses – surrealistinen neronleimaus
Ted Chiang: Understand – tarmokas yritys hypätä superälykkään posthumaanin pään sisään

There are two ways to make a prediction about how you're going to feel in the future. The first is to close your eyes and imagine that future—to simulate it in your own mind and preview your own hedonic reaction. That's the kind of affective forecasting we've studied extensively, and what we now know is that the process of projecting oneself into the future is a process that is fraught with error. But there's a second way to make these kinds of forecasts, namely, to find somebody who's already experiencing that future and observe how they actually feel.

If you were trying to decide whether you should take job X or job Y, you might try to imagine yourself in each of them, but you might instead observe people who have job X and job Y and simply see how happy they are. What we've discovered is that (a) when people do this, they make extremely accurate affective forecasts, and (b) no one does this unless you force them to!

- Daniel Gilbert, The Big Wombassa (ja videoleike)

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