Pim! Olet hypnotisoitu

Aubrey de Grey vastaa Technology Review'n juttuun.

What can we conclude, observing three such egregious departures from normal logical standards by educated adults?

I can identify only one explanation: most of society is in a pro-aging trance. This is no surprise: after all, aging is extremely horrible and until a few years ago could indeed be regarded as probably immutable for a very long time indeed. Hence, a reasonable tactic was to put its horror out of one's mind, however absurd the logical contortions required.

Just as stage hypnotists' subjects provide sincere and lucid justifications for any false statement that they have been instructed is true, so most of us (not having dared to consider in detail whether aging might recently have come within our technological range) energetically defend the indefinite perpetuation of what it is in fact humanity's primary duty to eliminate as soon as possible.

Some people find stage hypnotists highly entertaining. I don't -- not any more, at least.

Extravinkit muotitietoisille
Kun vaatteista tuli puhe, niin ei sovi unohtaa SCOTTeVEST-mallistoa, josta löytyy myös se aurinkopaneeleilla tehostettu luksustakki. Jos puolestaan haluaa täydellisesti istuvat vaatteet, niin kannattaa testata bodymetriikkaa.

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