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Experts say slowing aging is way to fight diseases in 21st century - Näin sen kuuluisi mennä. Hyökätkäämme suoraan lohikäärmeen kimppuun sen sijaan, että korjailisimme vain sen aiheuttamia tuhoja osaamme alistuneina.

'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution - Kotisi on voimalaitoksesi.
Nocera hopes that within 10 years, homeowners will be able to power their homes in daylight through photovoltaic cells, while using excess solar energy to produce hydrogen and oxygen to power their own household fuel cell. Electricity-by-wire from a central source could be a thing of the past.
Exercise in a Pill - Muistaakseni joissakin scifitarinoissa kerrotaan pitkälle kehittyneistä olennoista, jotka elävät eksoskeletonin sisällä ja muuttuvat keholtaan niin heikoiksi, etteivät pysty enää elämään ilman tukirankaa. Eivätkö olennot ole keksineet pilleriä, joka pitää kehon kunnossa ilman liikuntaa? Tai että astronauteille ei tulla koskaan keksimään tapaa pitää kroppa planeettakunnossa myös painottomuudessa?
The researchers fed untrained mice AICAR, a synthetic AMP analog that directly activates AMPK. After only four weeks and without any prior training, these mice got up and ran 44 percent longer than untreated, untrained mice. "That's as much improvement as we get with regular exercise," says Narkar.
Illegal filesharing: A suicide note from the music industry - Cory Doctorow
Last year, my freshman university students in Los Angeles regaled me with stories of "hard-drive parties" where everyone would gather with guitars, beers and whopping great hard drives that cost less than either the guitars or the beers. While the students jammed, sang and danced, they simply synchronised their drives using whatever laptops were lying around, transferring hundreds of gigabytes' worth of music while composing and recording songs of their own.
First It Was Song Downloads. Now It’s Organic Chemistry.
Consider the cost of a legitimate copy of one of the textbooks listed at the Pirate Bay, John E. McMurry’s “Organic Chemistry.” A new copy has a list price of $209.95; discounted, it’s about $150; used copies run $110 and up. To many students, those prices are outrageous, set by profit-engorged corporations (and assisted by callous professors, who choose which texts are required). Helping themselves to gratis pirated copies may seem natural, especially when hard drives are loaded with lots of other products picked up free.
Nearly Waterless Washing Machine to Debut in 2009 - Xeros

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