Save the planet? Buy it - Osta oma ekosysteemi
While yachts and jets marked the status of last century's super rich, today the stylish accessory for millionaires is their very own ecosystem.
I Was There. Just Ask Photoshop. - Photoshoppaa muistojasi.
“This new reality,” she added, “is a lot more pleasant.”
Ekokuluttajat iskevät pian joukolla kauppoihin - Carrotmob Suomessa. Facebook-ryhmä. (kiitos, Roope)

Study examines the psychology behind students who don't cheat
People who don't cheat "have a more positive view of others," said Sara Staats, co-author of the research and professor of psychology at Ohio State University's Newark campus. "They don't see as much difference between themselves and others." -- In contrast, those who scored lower on courage, empathy and honesty – and who are more likely to report that they have cheated -- see other students as cheating much more often than they do, rationalizing their own behavior, Staats said.

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