Anders Sandberg kävi Ruotsin TV:ssä puhumassa elämän pidentämisestä ja kryoniikasta.

Ung Pirat sai valtionapua 1,3 miljoonaa kruunua.

Tuore tutkimus: tiedostojen jakamisesta 100 miljoonan vuotuinen hyöty Hollannille

Naiset näkevät enemmän painajaisia ja ovat huonompia hallitsemaan syömistään.

Explaining the curse of work
So might this kind of work offer a rational way to optimise our decision-making bodies? One curious detail provides an intriguing slant on this question. In the computer simulations, there is a particular number of decision-makers that stands out from the trend as being truly, spectacularly bad, tending with alarmingly high probability to lead to deadlock: eight.
The 'test-tube baby' at 30
Louise Brown, the first person to be conceived outside a human body, turned 30 last year. The birth of a "test-tube baby", as the headlines described in vitro fertilisation was highly controversial at the time. Leon Kass, who subsequently served as chair of President George W Bush's Council on Bioethics, argued that the risk of producing an abnormal infant was too great for an attempt at IVF ever to be justified. Some religious leaders also condemned the use of modern scientific technology to replace sexual intercourse, even when it could not lead to conception. Since then, some three million people have been conceived by IVF, enabling otherwise infertile couples to have the child they longed for.

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