Parempaa kuin omistaminen

Better Than Owning - Omistaminen on rasittavaa, striimaus on rentoa.
For many people this type of instant universal access is better than owning. No responsibility of care, backing up, sorting, cataloging, cleaning, or storage. As they gain in public accessibility, books, music and movies are headed to become social goods even though they might not be paid by taxes. It's not hard to imagine most other intangible goods becoming social goods as well. Games, education, and health info are also headed in that direction.

Space elevator ... and the next floor is outer space
“The key thing is that the process essentially makes carbon into smoke, but because the smoke particles are long thin nanotubes, they entangle and hold hands. We are actually making elastic smoke, which we can then wind up into a fibre,” says Windle.
Microbot Motors Fit To Swim Human Arteries

Baffling The Body Into Accepting Transplants
-- mice genetically engineered to produce large amounts of BAFF (B cell activating factor), don't reject transplants.
Aeolus Airship - Christopher Ottersbachin poljettava ilmalaiva.

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