Pää kylmänä, pää lämpimänä

On Staying Happy - Kuinka pidetään pää kylmänä, kun sitä joutuu hakkaamaan seinään vuodesta toiseen.
So, yes, we rant and rage against short-sighted policies, and efforts that hinder and delay the inevitable, but we're excited and optimistic and happy about what we see as the eventual possibilities from that advancement and innovation. Any "anger" or "unhappiness" we might display is more frustration at ourselves for not being able to clearly paint a picture -- for those seeking to hold back progress -- of just what opportunities moving forward provides.

Pleasure’s perils: Why the ‘sex chip’ may not be such a good idea - Suuri nautinto tuo mukanaan suuren vastuun, tai toisin sanoen suurempien nautintojen myötä pitäisi tehostaa myös suurempaa itsekontrollia.
In 1972, Heath attempted to “cure” a 24-year old male’s homosexuality by using the technique to reprogram his sexual orientation through reconditioning. During a three hour span the man, infamously known as subject “B-19,” stimulated himself nearly 1,500 times, inducing feelings of “almost overwhelming euphoria and elation.” At the end of the experiment B19 had to be forcefully disconnected from the device. [It’s worth noting that the experiment did not alter B-19’s sexual orientation after disconnection.]

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