Creating Biological Legos - Gingko BioWorks - Openwetware.org
All of the founders of Gingko are actually engineers from other fields. -- So what Gingko's trying to do is initially focus on the construction step. To say, "Hmm, if I want to build a biological system, I need a set of parts. Essentially, I need my Legos which I can mix and match in order to build my engineered biological system. So I need my part set and I need a way to assemble those parts as quickly as possible into different biological systems so I can see which one works." We think of it as essentially a platform for rapid prototyping of biological systems. And so that's what Gingko is doing right now is developing the parts set and developing the technology for rapidly assembling parts into systems.
In New Procedure, Artificial Arm Listens to Brain
“Right now we’re somewhere between the arm in ‘Dr. Strangelove,’ ” which involuntarily jerked into a Nazi salute, “and the Luke Skywalker arm in ‘Star Wars’ where he turns it on and it’s fully naturally functional.
A Baby, Please. Blond, Freckles -- Hold the Colic
Trait selection in babies "is a service," says Dr. Steinberg. "We intend to offer it soon."
Robotic faces... for humans - Kasvolihakset hallintaan.

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