Singularity Summit 2009 - New Yorkissa 3-4. lokakuuta.

Toxic Substance Allows Birds to "See" Magnetic Field
Cryptochrome is also present in the human eye, but our amount of superoxides is even lower. That's because superoxides reduce longevity, so human evolution has put a premium on longer life spans instead of on better steering. In birds, however, evolution has favored a bit of cellular damage in return for the navigational benefits of magnetic vision, the researchers conclude.
The Next Hacking Frontier: Your Brain?
In some cases, patients might even want to hack into their own neural device. Unlike devices to control prosthetic limbs, which still use wires, many deep brain stimulators already rely on wireless signals. Hacking into these devices could enable patients to “self-prescribe” elevated moods or pain relief by increasing the activity of the brain’s reward centers.
Plantagon - Vertikaalifarmi kasvihuonepallon sisällä.

Not Only Dogs, but Deer, Monkeys and Birds Bark to Deal with Conflict
Holy f*@!: Swearing alleviates pain - Onko näillä jotain yhteistä?

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