Posthumaaneja roolipelejä ja parkouria

Eclipse Phase - Sääntökirja tulossa tänä kesänä ja filmioptio varattu.

FreeMarket - Yhteistyöpeliä avaruusasemalla.

The Runner -Exploit yourself- from BLR_VFX on Vimeo.

Apple iPhone to Replace Your Hearing Aids?
Additionally, the application continuously keeps a recorded buffer of what it hears, allowing you to quickly replay the last five to thirty seconds of a misheard conversation.

Why Music Moves Us
And of course people self-medicate with music all the time. Broad surveys have found that nearly everybody reports listening to music by themselves for the purpose of enhancing or altering their emotional state. -- even amid uncertainty about music’s origins, we can still use songs to pump ourselves up or calm ourselves down, ease pain and anxiety, bond with others or simply move people to tears. “Music is the most direct and mysterious way of conveying and evoking feeling,” Sacks professes. “It is a way of connecting one consciousness to another. I think the nearest thing to telepathy is making music together.”

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