List of Sensitive Issues for ARS Manuscript Review
and Approval by National Program Staff -
February 2002 (Revised)

1. Creation of transgenic food or feed organisms by genetic engineering.
2. Studies of genetically engineered organisms in the field.
3. Cloning of animals by somatic cell nuclear transfer.
4. Somatic cell fusion to recombine DNA in ways that cannot be achieved through sexual crossing.
5. Dioxin research.
6. Plant, microbial and animal patent policy.
7. Agricultural practices with negative health and environmental consequences, eg., global climate change; contamination of water by hazardous materials (nutrients, pesticides, and pathogens); animal feeding operations or crop production practices that negatively impact soil, water, or air quality.
8. Boll weevil eradication program.
9. International plant germplasm policies.
10. Research findings and recommendations that are contrary to current dietary guidelines or may be used in food labeling.
11. Megadoses of nutrients that may be beneficial to human health/nutrition.
12. Radiolytic products in food.
13. Harmful microorganisms and their products (e.g., afl atoxin, mycotoxin, fumonisin, Salmonella, E. Coli) in agricultural commodities.
14. Pesticides or animal drugs in foods above approved tolerance levels.
15. All transmissible encephalopathy (TSE) research including BSE research.
16. Herbicide-resistant crop plant research.
17. Animal well-being/animal use.
18. Biological items that may affect trade and export negotiations, e.g., fire blight in apples, TCK smut, karnal bunt, insect infestations in export products, etc.
19. Narcotic plant control.
20. Methyl bromide topics that relate to policy and/or regulatory actions.
21. Medfly/Malathion replacements.
22. Antibiotic/Antimicrobial Resistance.
23. Bioterrorism/Attacks on Agriculture.
24. Glassy-winged sharshooter/Pierce's disease.
25. Sudden Oak Death.
26. Citrus Stem Canker.
27. Anthrax.
28. Emerging diseases or pest research that relates to policy and/or regulatory actions

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