Hauskoja lukuhetkiä

Future Heroes 2035: My friends and I – kirjoitelma teinien tulevaisuudesta. Tool mainitaan, joten sen on pakko olla cool.
Future Heroes 2035: The Big Picture – osa 2 teinien tulevaisuudesta. Mukana suomalainen ”crazy-smart” Iso Wuohela.

Many machines are already so complicated that it is difficult to interact with them without using mental metaphors. If your bank's cash machine refuses to give you some cash, when you know that there is enough in your account, it now seems completely natural to call up the bank and say 'Your cash machine doesn't want to give me any cash because it doesn't know about the deposit I made this morning.' Whether the machine actually wants or knows anything is unimportant. What matters is that they behave as if they do. Using these metaphors is a convenient way to think of and describe the behaviour of complex machines, which is why their interfaces are designed that way. We ascribe thought processes to machines for the same reason that we ascribe them to people: It helps us understand and get along with them better. If a machine seems to want, feel, believe, know, intend, remember or understand, then for any practical purpose, it does.
(Lovelacen testi, lainaus kirjasta Digital Soul)

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