Can the Enemy Build a Super-Soldier? - Sotilaat saavat tekniikan ensimmäisenä, sitten kuluttajat. Jos hyvikset eivät saa tekniikkaa ensin, silloin sen saavat pahikset.
A big battlefield advantage will be gained by the side that wins the race on "the manipulation and understanding of human sleep," the study notes. "Suppose a human could be engineered who slept for the same amount of time as a giraffe (1.9 hours per night). This would lead to an approximately twofold decrease in the casualty rate. An adversary would need an approximately 40% increase in the troop level to compensate for this advantage."
How bones can be tailor-made
"A surgeon will have the existing bone MRI scanned. This information is passed via a CAD programme to the 3D printer. By the time the patient gets to the operating theatre, we will have printed out a medical-grade titanium bone which is an identical match to the one being replaced."

'Electron turbine' could print designer molecules

Plastics unite to make unexpected 'metal'

Magnul FMG-9 Box Gun
WASP Knife

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