Lex Orwell: When is a Surveillance Society OK? - Anders Sandberg Ruotsin FRA-valvontalaista.
The key problem is that the proposal, like many other antiterrorism proposals, do not appear to be increasing the efficiency of finding and apprehending terrorists. It is a form of "security theatre" where the politicians can show they are Doing Something About It and a way to implement changes that make life easier for government agencies - all protected from criticism by the biasing effect of the concept 'terrorism'. As long as the motivating concept is such that no sane person would defend it, resisting such proposals is hard.
Surveillance: You can know too much - Cory Doctorow valvonnasta yleensä.
Take London: cover every square inch of the city with CCTVs and you'll get so much information that you'll never make any sense of it. -- Similarly, if you take fingerprints from every person who applies for a visa – or worse still, from every person in Britain who has to carry one of the proposed new biometric cards – you will fill the databases with chaff that slows down searches, generates endless false matches, and threatens everyone in the database with the worst kind of identity theft. -- The problem of sifting through vast amounts of data was highlighted by the US 9/11 Commission, which concluded that the American intelligence community knew in advance that the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were in the offing, they just didn't know they knew it. The pieces were all there for anyone who knew to look for them, needles buried in a haystack of irrelevancies.

Changing Your Lifestyle Can Change Your Genes
The changes included a plant-based diet (predominant fruits, vegetables, legumes, soy products, and whole grains low in refined carbohydrates), moderate exercise (walking 30 minutes per day), stress management techniques (yoga-based stretching, breathing techniques, meditation, and guided imagery for one hour per day), and participating in a weekly one-hour support group. The diet was supplemented with soy, fish oil (three grams/day), vitamin E (100 units/day), selenium (200 mg/day), and vitamin C (2 grams/day).

Charles Stross puhuu Extropiassa, Second Lifessa.

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