Freezing or Uploading? - Lisää tuoretta juttua Transvisionista.
-- Transhumanist thinking arose at the very beginning of the Enlightenment. For example, Royal Society member Robert Hooke speculated in 1665 about the creation of "artificial organs" to enhance human faculties. In 1769, French Encyclopedist Denis Diderot envisaged a future in which it would be possible to reanimate the dead, create human-animal hybrids and take human brains apart and put them back together again. In 1780, Benjamin Franklin predicted that through the progress of science "in a thousand years...all Diseases may, by sure means, be prevented or cured, not even excepting that of Old Age, and our Lives lengthened at pleasure even beyond the antediluvian Standard." French Mathematician, the Marquis de Condorcet declared in 1795 that "nature has set no term to the perfection of human faculties; that the perfectibility of man is truly indefinite."

Cyberev.com ja Lifenaut.com - Martine Rothblattin kyberneettinen biostaasi. Vaikka ei pystyisi selviämään elämästä hengissä itse itsenään, voi ainakin jättää itsestään mahdollisimman paljon aineistoa (siis omia beemejään) suhteellisen ikuisesti kestävän virtuaalihahmon luontia varten. Jokainen ihminen on multimedia-elämänkerran arvoinen.

Make That a Double - Tämä kofeiinilainaus muistiin.
"I'm concerned that impressionable adolescents exposed to marketing messages that promote caffeine as a performance enhancer will later turn to stronger drugs, like steroids or Ritalin or cocaine."

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