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The Evolutionary Brain Glitch That Makes Terrorism Fail - Jos aiheutat tuhoa aatteen vuoksi, kukaan ei usko että teet sen aatteen vuoksi vaan siksi, että haluat tehdä tuhoa. Kaikki ajattelevat sinun vain pitävän kiusaamisesta, eivät sitä että kiusaat tehdääksesi jonkun pointin selväksi.

In other words, terrorism doesn't work, because it makes people less likely to acquiesce to the terrorists' demands, no matter how limited they might be. The reaction to terrorism has an effect completely opposite to what the terrorists want; people simply don't believe those limited demands are the actual demands.

The Progressive Apocalypse and Other Futurismic Delights - Cory Doctorow
The non-futurismic version of NCC-1701 would be the size of a softball (or whatever the minimum size for a warp drive, transporter, and subspace radio would be). It would zip around the galaxy at FTL speeds under remote control. When it reached an interesting planet, it would beam a stored copy of a landing party onto the surface, and when their mission was over, it would beam them back into storage, annihilating their physical selves until they reached the next stopping point. If a member of the landing party were eaten by a green-skinned interspatial hippie or giant toga-wearing galactic tyrant, that member would be recovered from backup by the transporter beam. Hell, the entire landing party could consist of multiple copies of the most effective crewmember onboard: no redshirts, just a half-dozen instances of Kirk operating in clonal harmony.

Back From the Dead
Dying turns out to be almost as complicated a process as living, and somehow, among its labyrinthine pathways, Bondar found a way out.

Cylon Headcam - Osuvasti nimetty poliisien korvakamera nauhoittaa 400h materiaalia, mutta akku pitää ladata 12h välein. Hinnaksi lätkäisty noin 2500€.

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