Can ‘friendly’ AI save humans from irrelevance or extinction? - ZDNet podcast Eliezer Yudkowskyn kanssa. Muita Singularity Summitin puhujavieraita haastatellaan myöhemmin.

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Singularity Fallacies: An essay by Extropia DaSilva Part 1 & Part 2
But, really, the similarities of these scenarios with religious memes actually INCREASES the likelihood they will one day be realised. Why? Because they are deeply-held dreams, not likely to be diminished by the cold reality of failure after failure. This is comparable to another fantasy that was laughed-off by legions of naysayers as self-evidently absurd: The dream of achieving flight, which also managed to persist no matter how many failures the pioneers had along the way.
Looking Human Extinction in the Face
The reaction of many educated adults to extinction risk discussions reminds me of the reaction kids in my Middle School health classes had to the mention of the word “penis”: adolescent giggling. If I were to get onstage in front of a random audience and start talking about existential risk when they didn’t expect it, using words like “planetary destruction”, they’d probably start giggling, at least in their minds. Obviously, we have a way to mature as a society until we can look calmly at the prospect of our own demise. By resolving to do so yourself, you can be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

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